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Is that your nose?

In cutting off your nose to spite your face style news, Rush & Company are calling for a Boycott of GM cars until they can come back to life on their own, or something. It’s not really clear to me what the idea is beyond being against something just because Obama is for it. Socialism probably. Claiming they’re doing it because of the threat of Socialism is a good bet. If Obama had grape jelly on his toast, Hannity would call that Socialism. He did it with mustard on a hamburger.

Now first of all, if the company is going to survive then it has to get strong enough to stand on its own and that means consumer confidence. When outside investors start buying the stock away from the government, then the control will go away. A boycott will only have Govt control last longer, unless they fold the place up and sell it off. However, it could be that maybe that’s what they want. Turn this thing into an even more tangled hairball than it already is, discredit Obama, say “I told you so”, and try to get their own guys in power. Although that does seem to smack of burning your own house down just so you can claim that you were right when you said your house would burn down with these guys in charge.

Second, GM was frankly so badly fucked that they’ve been having trouble giving the cars away. That’s why they had to get bought out by the government. Is anyone going to notice that you’ve decided not to buy them? Seriously. GM hasn’t sold a car as anything but a way to sell a finance plan since 1978 and the cars have suffered for it.

Third, GM did come to the Government right? They are the ones to came hat in hand to Washington once again to beg for money, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So it’s not like they were just seized or anything, they agreed as a condition to get another huge chunk of change. You don’t want government control? Don’t go begging for another hand out.

All that is just window dressing though, just me thinking out loud. Since in a way I sort of think GM should be allowed to die. Just let them drift down slowly instead of crashing down all at once. Give people a chance to get their shit together and move out of the way. GM is a giant and if it falls all at once a lot of people will get crushed. GM was also epically mismanaged and they made shitty cars. Ford at least has cleaned up their act in the last few years and started making cars people might actually want to buy. Now if they’d just stop expecting the SUV market to come back shouting “Here I come to save the day!” all Mighty Mouse style they’d be set.

The above things aren’t what gets me. What really gets me is the statements claiming that these guys are really sorry that the boycott might hurt GM workers. That they’re only trying to make this company collapse and loose thousands of people their jobs just to spite Obama and it’s nothing personal. Only it must be. These guys have been telling anyone who’ll listen for the last 50 years or so that unions are destroying everything. Unions ruin everything is as much a meme as everything Obama does is Socialism.

Well, who do they think works the line at GM? Elves? Gnomes who left shoemaking for automobiles? Magical libertarian fairies who sprinkle magic libertarian dust over all the cars and trucks they make? NO! Union guys do it. So which is it? Are they mad at the unions for destroying America, or are you sorry they’ll be costing them their jobs? Or maybe they’re glad they’ll be costing Americans their jobs. Who can tell? All I know I that it should raise the GOP’s standing in this state. Guys on the line love nothing more than being told they’re destroying the nation and that you hope their children starve to death.

The other reason some of my complaints are window dressing is that I know a whole bunch of people (lefty-liberal-hippy-pinko types) who were already boycotting GM because they didn’t like yet another company begging Uncle Sam for cash. They want to boycott the banks that got bailed out, they want to avoid GM and Chrysler and anybody else who’s looking at the Government as one big bag of cash to fund their bonuses and allow them to lay people off while making 300 times what they average non-executive was making. They got mad at all the companies, not because Obama is running the show, but because these greedy fucks screwed up perfectly good companies and sucked them dry before demanding even more money than they demanded the last three times they came begging. Now I’ll have to ask them if they still want to stay away from GM, since Rush & Company are all for letting them fail. I suspect that those people will remain steadfast since their desire to see GM crumble into the dust is more powerful and besides they haven’t got the money to buy a new car now anyway. My friends have convictions and even if they didn’t, they’re all broxxorz!

Anyway, I drive a Mini so I’m probably not going to buy another car for a while no matter what.

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