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All downhill after ’41

You know why Disney movies suck now? No Pink Elephants. I fully believe that the Pink Elephants in Dumbo made that movie what it is. I always loved that section, and I was in my teens before I discovered that some people found it scary when they were kids. I always thought it was just the most interesting bit in the movie, it was the bit that didn’t look like everything else I was presented. It was the only thing that was ever different. BUT someone found out that some wimpy kid found it scary and they stopped doing interesting things because one scaredy-cat might piss himself and that ruined it for everyone. They only flirted with being interesting after that, they never really recovered.

And what’s wrong with giving a kid a fright now and then? Just a little one, just enough to keep them on their toes. I’m as firm believer in scaring kids just a little bit. It shows them that there are scary things in the world, but usually it only lasts a little while and everything will probably turn out alright in the end. And hey, if you see pink elephants than crows will teach you how to fly! How cool is that? If you don’t teach kids to deal with scary stuff when they’re young, they’ll act like panicky idiots every time something slightly tense happens when they grow up.

Also, they never topped Baby Mine, which can only fail to make you cry like a little bitch if you don’t have a soul or something. Seriously, I can’t watch that scene with people in the room or it would ruin my tough guy reputation.

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