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Teddy Roosevelt would not look good in a tube top. For one thing, he’s been dead for 90 years.

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I love the smell of crazy in the morning. Smells like… awesomeness

Did you know there was disco in Germany? Evidently it reached all the way over there too. Only it didn’t produce evil and terror like it did here (I wake up shivering and crying from dreams of Donna Summer to this day)

I have seen the proof, and it’s Dschinghis Khan.

Now honestly, isn’t that just the best thing you’ve seen all day?

According to wikipedia (the fountainhead of all knowledge and never ever wrong) I’m not even the first person to notice how awesome this is.

There is also an English version if you can’t speak German and simply MUST know what they’re singing. Frankly, understanding the lyrics makes it much less awesome.

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To the future!

I decided to get a laptop. We ordered it today. This means that my laptop is going to be the last one we get. It was my idea to get a laptop, and then Syd and Hol went and got their laptops first! I will not state how many times I decided I wanted to get something only to be the last one to actually get it, if I got it at all. Just not going to go there.

I am getting a Dell Mini 10 in (PRODUCT) RED, because I wanted a red laptop. I’ve got a Big Blue computer and I wanted a little red notebook, mostly so I could wave it like I was at a Maoist rally. No, really I wanted it like that because we live in the future and in the future everything is color coded. (See 2001, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Silent Running and a few other movies to see my point) Next thing I get will have to be yellow or green. That is because the future is made up of primary colors*.

The only problem is that one of the two things I chose to upgrade isn’t in stock right this second so I have to wait 10 days just for the silly thing to be assembled. I’ll probably have it before July. No biggie.

Also got a decent looking bag that doesn’t look too dumb which is more than I can say for a lot of the bags I’ve seen for the netbook sized stuff. Then there was a little flask sized (and shaped for that matter) external drive just because it was red and if one is going to go in for a penny they might as well go in for a pound. In addition we decided that a disc drive would probably be awesome, just in case.

I decided on the netbook because I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be on the go with my laptop I would want it to be as small and light as possible while being able to still actually do things. Since it’s purely an on the go back up, the limited abilities won’t be a problem for me. At least I don’t think they will. So long as it’s more powerful than Strong Bad’s Lappy, that’s all I’m worried about.

*Green is a primary color when discussing video. It’s plenty valid.

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