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I knew I was old because of Pogs. Put simply, I was just too old for pogs. Pogs were the first thing that I realized kids were into but I had no interest in. I still don’t see what the attraction was supposed to be.

Pogs always make me feel old. HOWEVER! My lack of interest in pogs did sort of coincide with my ability to drive cars and have sex with girls so I’m not too bothered by the trade off.

I’ve said pog way too many times. I’d say I’ve said it so much that the word has lost all meaning, but it didn’t have much meaning before. Pog? Pog. Pog pog pog pog pog POG!

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Today = AWESOME! (a poem)

The car has a coolant leak.
The car I just got back for minor body work from the shop, has a coolant leak.
Not a little leak, a massive leak.
Hol is going back to the insurance company tomorrow instead of work.
Cat’s tried to kill a mouse
And the turtles are stalking me.
Did I mention the turtles? I’ve seen 7 turtles today, every time I’ve gone outside there were turtles.
Big turtles,
Size of bread plates
That’s pretty big for a painted turtle.
On the drive way
near the house
looking at me
got nothing to do with them laying eggs in the loose dirt around the house
Turtles know ninjistu man
And they hiss, one hissed at Holly when she picked it up after it tried to charge the car.
And I’m about 5 hours overdue for my nap.
A nap I was going to take because I was 10 hours past bed time.
I’m tired, Fancy tired to kill a mouse, the car’s broke, the turtles are stalking me, today has been just fucking awesome.

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The New Box

Does anyone else remember the “New… BOX skit from Monty Python?
It’s the very first skit I ever saw of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

OOO it’s on YouTube

They keep coming back to these guys, who are opening new boxes all along England and I believe them mentioning that the line stretches into the Gobi desert. Okay I looked it up.

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