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Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Peppers are pickled long after they’re picked! Did no one fact check this poem?

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Python (Monty)

What bugs me about how New Video (the company that does A&E’s video distribution) releases things is that they make a disc once and they stick by it. That means that they never remaster, they never change anything, it’s always the same set. When they first came out with Monty Python on DVD it was in a 14 disc set. That means that each season (besides the 4th) was on 4 discs. That’s 3 episodes on a disc, that’s an hour and a half. It’s amazingly frustrating to have to swap discs every 3 episodes when you know darn well that you can get 6 episodes on a disc. They then put out The Life of Python and Monty Python Live, which were 2 discs each. Then Life of Python went out of print and Monty Python Live was added to the 14 disc set to make a 16 disc Mega set. But all the problems I had with the 14 disc set remain, because its the same 14 discs.

Yes, it really did bug me that much that the Flying Circus stuff was spread over 14 discs when I knew damn well it could have been done in 7.

Anyway, then comes Personal Best (a clip show) and the DVDs that went with it. Now they’ve some out with a 21 disc set that has everything but the Life of Python discs and as far as I can see it costs more than anything that’s come before. It also has a new disc with two hour long documentaries which should tempt a person. Every time they come out, they add more discs when they don’t need to. It just wastes space. I’ve got 86 thousand discs, every disc is a squeeze on my shelf.


Over in England, there is an 8 disc set. The show is on 7 DVDs and the last disc contains those two new documentaries and it only costs £15.98*! So it can be done. It’ll take up less room on my self, and AND! the famous masturbation bit is still in there even though it’s edited out of the A&E version. So it’s unedited (which you can’t get in the US) it takes up less room on your shelf and it costs a hell of a lot less than any other version. So fuck it, I’ve got a region free player so I decided to get that. So after I make sure all the jokes are there and the DVDs are in good order, I will likely be looking to get rid of my 14 disc behemoth set that pisses me off.
*Which is about $26US

My advice to you friends is to scream “FUKIT!” and go buy things internationally.

Later we’ll talk about how when I first watched this show I hadn’t quite figured out that it took place in the early 70s and thought that was what England looked like in the mid to late 80s when it first showed on MTV. That is after I worked out that it took place in England at all. Look, I was 10 and it lasted for a day or two, okay?

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I’m beginning to suspect that gmail doesn’t like me. Or at least doesn’t like wowway’s email server. I tired to send my elf an email to make sure I had everything set up, it didn’t arrive, and I find that those notes went into the spam folder. A friend that uses gmail was having a few of my notes bounce into her gmail spam folder as well. Very annoying.

On a lighter note. I can use the keyboard on this laptop just as well as a normal keyboard. That is to say I’m making typos every other word, but I’ve got spell check and I should be okay.

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