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Kids Today

I could have sworn I wrote and posted this, but evidently I just thought about doing it and failed to perform.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

I’ve got a hell of a lot of strawberries in the patch of garden next to our driveway. It’s the most visible patch of garden on the whole house, anyone can see it. I keep going out there to pick strawberries and finding that some berries have just plain gone rotten on the plant. WHAT THE HELL? We have at least 10 kids under the age of 15 on our block, this should not happen! They should be sneaking in, snatching berries as they pass and the balance of ripe berries should be maintained.

IN MY DAY™ the guy who live in this place wouldn’t have even known that strawberries get ripe. He would have thought he had some strange berries that were just always green. Either that or he would have suspected a hell of a bird problem. I shouldn’t be finding entire handfuls of berries that have gone over ripe and are no longer fit for eating. Those berries should have been swiped by little kids long ago.

That’s the problem with kids today! Too much respect for their elders. They never get away with anything anymore. No adventures. We’re going to raise an entire generation of kids that will never ever know anything but fear of the outside world.

Cripes, someone has to do something.

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