I'll come up with something in a minute.

A few things

1) Seriously? The Metric System? Republicans now think using the metric system is dumb? Odd, I seem to remember the military uses the metric system. Why do republicans hate the military? Why do they think the army is stupid? Why oh why do Republicans hate America? I would also like to point out that it was Nixon who signed the 55 mph speed limit into law.
A better way to phrase the whole thing is come back in 2012 and ask why things aren’t better if there were no republicans standing in the way of the Dems. They won’t be better, there will always be something wrong, and there will probably be things that even lefty-pinko-liberal-faggit-liberal-pinko-lefties will be unhappy about.

2) Because of Michael Jackson, I bought a bunch of fruit snacks. Michael died, you could die at any time. My mother would never buy us fruit roll-ups, but I’m an adult now and if I want gushers and fruit roll-ups and little fruit snacks in the shape of Optiumus Prime, I can buy them. So I bought ten boxes because they were on sale. For Michael, which Holly claims is the best tribute she’s heard all week. Strangely it’s the Kroger Brand Peanut themed fruit snacks that look the most like what their supposed to be. No guessing, they’re very clear.

3) Talking about Michael Jackson got me talking about Holly’s so-called taste in music (she thinks Huey Lewis is both tolerable and an example of Rock Music*) and that got me talking about Billy Joel, and how I remember a lot of yuppie scumbags listening to Billy like they had the slightest idea what he was talking about. Which led me to singing a song called “Bloomfield Town” about an ad executive who was let go recently. You might work out what song it’s based on.
Well we’re like totally living in Bloomfield Town
But the Lexuses are gone from the ground
And I had to let the gardener go todaaaay
And we’re living here in Bloomfield town.

If you don’t live in Michigan I should point out Bloomfield Hills is a fairly rich section in our area.

4) I’ve still got a post in my work pile about how Michael Jackson has lead me to buying a bunch of Prince things, but I haven’t finished it yet. This has been happening a lot lately. I’ve got about 10 things in my work pile that are either not done or never will be. Lots of posts I’m not making. That leads to point five…

5) It is quite possible I’m loosing my marbles. I’ve been forgetting a lot of little things lately. It’s not new. I’ve always been forgetful. This slide is a gradual thing I can track too. I’ve watched my mother do it for twenty years and I watched my grandmother do it for longer than that. It never got to “Are you June’s boy?” levels, although concentration has become a bitch and a half the last year or so. Living through this, and admitting it openly, I have to say it’s not scary. I’ve always seen it as this thing we’re supposed to be terrified of on TV and in movies. “Oh dear, I walk into a room and forget why I came, I’M SO SCARED!” Well, I’m not scared, I’m annoyed. I get up, go to a room and can’t remember what I came in for and I sit there swearing. “What the fuck did I come in here for?” I’m more annoyed about the wasted time than I am scared about not knowing who people are in later years. While I could blame genetics, I prefer to blame drugs and the so-called doctors that gave them to me.

*She had a bad childhood and never saw Raiders of The Lost Ark until she was in her late twenties. I forgive her, and I try to show her the way, but it’s a constant uphill struggle because she thinks someone singing Margaritaville isn’t a reason to get the tar and feathers.

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