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I remember

Applewood Bacon seems to be the new IN thing. I remember a couple of years ago it was Asiago Cheese.

But then, I remember back when you could get a bottle of coke for ten cents, children respected their elders, you could leave your doors unlocked, gays were illegal, women couldn’t vote and Rome was the center of the world.

Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah! I had to walk to school and I remember when this whole area was nothing but farmland.

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July 8th and the thermometer claims it’s 63 degrees (F) in here. I am enraptured by the weather, I lurves me some fall weather and I’m very happy to have it in the middle of the summer. Fuck you if you like warm weather. Move to Africa, or Asia, or Arizona or some other place that starts with A if you want hot. I dunno, I’ve been hearing that Alaska’s capital is a pretty hot kitchen that people are rushing to get out of recently.

Point is that I’m sick of hearing people bitching because their skin isn’t bubbling off. If only we’d have some more clouds and a bit of rain, everything would be absolutely perfect.

The only thing is… I’ve got a friend coming up from North Carolina today. Now I’m not sure, but I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be cooler here in the height of summer than she’s used to in the middle of winter. I’ve heard things about the south you see and one of the main points is that the second ring of hell doesn’t get as hot in August as parts of the south do in mid-March.

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