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Liberty’s Child (Part Eighteen)

Liberty’s Child

A Jack Collier Mystery

By Brett N. Lashuay

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Day Eighteen: Another Chapter


            “So what the hell was all that about Knight?” Church asked as we started to drive.


            “Knight would never let himself be put on video like that,” I said tapping my knee with my fingers. “For reasons I don’t quite understand, UNICORN wanted someone to think that LION had kidnapped Columbia when really it was a scam all along. Now, we know that it was UNICORN all the time.”


            “So how do we find her?” Church asked.


            “Why are you interested?”


            “She’s probably being watched by UNICORN’s people, and now I want to show them what happens when you fuck around with Church. I’ve had problems finding them thus far.”


            “Can I get her out first?” I asked.


            “Sure,” Church nodded. “So how do we find her?”


            “It’ll take me some time,” I said, thinking that I didn’t really need a heavy squad with me for something like this. “Can you take me back to my place?”


            “Not going to bed are you?” Church asked.


            “No,” I shook my head. “I need a shower after being in that office. I’ll need to make another call too.”


            “You gonna tell me when you find out where they are?” Church asked.


            “I’ll see,” I said. “If she doesn’t end up being some place where only a few people knows where she is, I’ll probably let you know.”


            “Thanks.” he said, giving me a nod of understanding.


            We drove to my place and he left me at my door, letting me get out and walk to the door by myself. I opened the door and started to strip my suit off almost immediately as I walked to the bathroom. At least I think that’s what happened, because I found the suit on the floor when I came home later. When I’d finally slept though, the suit was neatly folded and placed on a chair by my table. The memory of those less important moments has slipped through my fingers, since I’ve had to try hard just to retain the important things. I had to let some things go, and what happened to my suit that morning was one of them. There were other circumstances though, so it might have been some of that.


            I got in the shower, letting the water pour over me. bringing me back to some kind of humanity. The tough guy who threatened a gangster with an empty gun melted away and the private eye who was just trying to correct a mistake he made years ago came back. I could feel my humanity return, the parts that hung out with the likes of Church went back into those dark places that we all keep locked off.


            I got out of the shower and stood in the hallway, dripping naked as I walked to my jacket. I pulled my cell phone from my pants pocket and scrolled through until I found Alice’s number. I pressed the send button and listened to a couple of rings before she picked up and answered.


            “Hi Jack,” she said, her voice sounding serious. “How did it go?”


            “I think I know how we can find her,” I said calmly, “Do you want to help out?”


            “Sure,” she said.


            “There is a park right next to my place,” I offered up. “Can you meet me there?”


            “Yeah, I know where that is,” she said. “I’ll meet you there.”


            “Thanks,” I said.


            I dried myself off and with a compulsion that could only have come from sleep deprivation, I walked to my closet and got my charcoal suit. It was a dark gray that was slightly warmer than my black suit. I felt the need to wear a suit though, and this was my other suit. I only had the two suits in those days, unlike the days when I had a dozen suits ready to go at any moment.


            I walked to the park, which was just a small piece of grass and a pond. It was a place for yuppies who bought property in the area to run before they go to work. All the yuppies had gone to work though, soon it would be lunch time, in a few hours or a few minutes perhaps. I was making my way around the pond and watching the swallows as I went. I remember when I first came to this place, I’d never actually seen swallows before. I was surprised at how small they were and how quickly they could move as they flew down by the surface of the water eating bugs. They flew over the pond, spiraling in ways that you’d almost think had to be faked. They’d zip around the grass, through the air, spiraling back and forth around the air like some kind of miniature fighter jets.


            I sat on a metal bench, waiting for the agent and watching the birds. They were so incredibly false looking, like something out of a dream, something terribly unreal. I heard a car pull up and then a door close, while still just watching the birds. She sat down next to me and I could feel the weight of her on the seat and smell her perfume.


            It was a different perfume than what Amy Heart wore. It was a sweeter scent, with a hint of spice behind it. There was something there that made me feel like I could trust her. I wanted to turn and hold her, to kiss her and to make love on the grass. We didn’t really have the time for that though, and I’m not sure I really had the energy.


            “You lost your car,” she said, and I could hear her turning towards me. “Is that why you called me?”


            “No,” I said watching the birds. “I could have gotten Debbie’s car or something if I really needed it.”


            “Your secretary?” she asked.


            “That’s right,” I nodded.


            “Where do we go then?” she asked, and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t looked at her yet.


            “Piggy,” I said looking at her, noticing the swell of her breasts under her shirt as I turned. How her pants were given such terrific shape by her legs. I then realized where I was looking and locked in on her eyes.


            “Piggy?” she asked, noticing that I was looking in her eyes.


            “Yeah,” I nodded again. “Piggy knew where she was before, he’ll know where we can find them.”


            “They won’t tell Piggy a second time will they?” she asked. “I mean, no matter how much you strong arm him, he won’t know.”


            “We don’t need him to know where she is, we need him to know where they are.” I leaned back into the chair, and stole another look at her legs and breasts. “I think I can get him to tell us where they are.”


            “You planning on selling them to Church?” she asked.


            “I don’t much care,” I said. “So long as we get there first.”


            “What are you thinking?” she asked.


            “I’m thinking about getting Piggy on our side, making him work for us.”




            “It’s a surprise,” I smiled at her. “You’ll like it though.”


            “Will I?”


            “I hope so,” I said. “If I work it out right, you, me, Columbia and even Piggy will all get away nice and clean. We’ll all go home and have sex and get promotions and lots of money and stuff.”


            “What, all four of us?” she asked. “I’m not sure I’m up to that.”


            “No,” I shook my head. “You and I will go home for sex, and those two kids will go home and get punished for causing so much trouble.”


            “You think I’m going to want to go home with you and have sex?” she asked.


            “I certainly hope so,” I said smiling at her, “The idea of getting to see you naked is the only thing keeping me going.”


            “Well it would be wrong of me to take that hope from you,” she said standing up. “Come on, let’s get this done before you fall over.”


            “I’m not going to fall over until this is all done,” I muttered as the birds flew past us. Then something occurred to me “Can you get a file on Amy Heart slash Cooke online?”


            “Yeah,” she nodded.


            “Okay. Let’s go to my office, get a copy of her file, put it on a disc and we can take it to Piggy to show him that even The Agency knows she killed his mother.”


            “You want to show him that?” she asked.


            “Well you guys do know it right?”


            “Why do you want to get stuff on disc?” she asked.


            “To show him, but not leave any sort of passwords on his computer or anything.”


            “I can show him on my cell phone,” she said pulling her phone out and showing me. “You do know about smart phones don’t you?”


            When I was about fifteen, my father got his first cell phone for work. It’s interesting to note how phones have come full circle as this phone was almost exactly the size of that phone that he’d gotten from work. It seemed to be made mostly of screen and had a key board, but it was the same size as the one Dad had.


            “That thing actually make calls?” I asked.


            “Yes,” she said. “It just also surfs the web, has some memory and can be used as a flotation device.”


            “Flotation device?”


            “You should see what happens when these get wet, they expand three hundred percent,” she quipped as she put the phone back into her pocket. Seeing her do that, I noticed for the first time that I’d never seen her carry a purse of any kind. I should have noticed that before, but I never had.


            “Nice,” I nodded. “And you can get enough information when we get there?”


            “Yeah, no problem,” she confirmed.


            “Good,” I said. “Let’s go see Piggy then.”



This is part twelve of eighteen, come back next week for part nineteen and every Thursday until we’re done to see what happens next. If you get lost, one of the tags here should help you. The Liberty tag will take you to the story while the Jack Tag will take you to Part One of every story we post here.

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