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Outdated Dinosaurs (a poem)

I know pretty much all of Charles Knight’s pictures of dinosaurs are wrong.
I know that he represents an outdated view
I still like his works though
They represent the Dinos I grew up with
And an era gone by

I love the old and the outdated
Which should be no surprise to you
And I really need to get
A Crystal Palace Iguanodon model
Frankly, my desk demands it.

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5 things (I was out today edition)

1. I am currently behind schedule on all but one project that I’m working on. As a side note, the only reason the other project isn’t behind schedule is that the schedule hasn’t actually been written yet. I assume that as soon as I have a schedule for that project, I’ll promptly get behind on it.

2. I’m not sure whether I should be pleased or disturbed to find that Nyotaimori is a real practice and not just something dreamed up by hentai pervs.

3. I’ve only just noticed there isn’t much Dinosaur stuff in our house. What’s up with that? I need to get some dinosaur fossil replicas for this joint or something. Maybe get something from the Carnegie collection to spruce the place up a bit. Something from Gaston Design maybe? Birthday is right around the corner, got to start thinking about these things. SRSLY!

4. As of now, all distractions must come in an attractive female form. If I get any other kind, I will either ignore it or smash it with a hammer.

5. This might just be the best advertisement in existence. All of it, the whole thing. There is no part of this ad that doesn’t tickle me in one way or another. The batshittery at the end alone justified this thing. I don’t care what they’re selling, and I can’t say I rightly know, but I’ll buy a box of it.

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6 zoo pics

I didn’t take my camera, these were shot with my phone, I just thought it was funny having the bear on the underwater tube like this.


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