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This is a musical pop- combo, yes? (a poem)

I would like it to be known that…
I listen to boring old music
On scratchy old records
I remember when there was no tv, we only had radio
And the movies were better when they were in black and white
We used to make our own fun when I was a boy
Everything was better when I was a kid
And that I am very, very, very old and out of touch
You may now all “Git offa my lahn!”

It’s quite possibly that only one of those statements is true. I’ll let you decide which one is the true one.

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I think Queenie totally over reacted. First off, good luck getting someone to do those guy’s jobs at the rate they were willing to pay, not to mention getting anyone to apply seeing how she deals with conflict resolution over what was a seriously tiny mistake. It’s just bad HR practice to go around demanding heads roll, particularly when they were trying to fix it. Besides, I thought the white broke up all those red roses quite nicely.

Seriously folks, not worth the pay anymore. If that freaky little blond chick with the cat’s head shows up again I may just walk myself.

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