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This fall, ladies are carrying sharp things

I got a great big knife catalogue the other day. It’s about the size of a Montgomery Ward’s Holiday catalogue, which is much smaller than a Sears Wishbook, but still fairly big. The Ward’s Holiday Catalogue was the White Pages to Sears’ Yellow pages. Anyone who lives in America and got both in the mail around mid November should know what I mean. The rest of you shall just have to follow the standard procedure of looking as if you have a clue as to what I’m gibbering on about.

That’s not the point of this post though. Indeed, not having a point IS the point. It seems that flat pointed knives are the new black as far as knives goes. Things like these blades here are seriously in vogue right now. A lot of rescue and diving blades are forgoing the traditional point for this sort of… chisel effect I guess is what we can call it. Also a lot of single piece knives in this grouping, as in just a flat piece of metal with maybe a bit of material screwed to the side to aid in gripping hold. It seems to be a good idea, lowers the chance of accidentally poking yourself in an emergency. You can still do it on purpose though if that appeals to you.

Drop points and tanto points are still around, but all these flat point knives are labeled as NEW so I must assume some one saw this idea somewhere and decided it was the best thing since half serration.

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