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It is interesting that the Ancient Greeks thought of unicorns as real animals that lived in India. Even more interesting that Marco Polo saw one, only it turns out that it was a kind of rhinoceros.

Even more interesting that a unicorn (not a rhino) is drinking from our pond right now. I’d show you a picture, but if I go out there it will run away and the windows are all fogged up because of the humidity.

You see Euri, Shenlong and Freyr was having great fun last night trying to see if they could saturate the ground after four or five weeks of no real kind of rain. They did finally manage to make some puddles in our yard, but it took a few hundred gallons spread over three separate and major storms to get the job done. I assume each of them were taking turns.

The point is, no unicorn pictures for you. They probably wouldn’t have come out anyway. Unicorns are fairly dazzling and it would have been too bright.

Admit it. You’d pay up to $50 just to spend 3 minutes in my world. If only to see what color the sky was.

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