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Peter Cushing

I remember seeing a Chuck Norris fact that went something like “Chuck Norris doesn’t bend steel bars, he looks at them until they bend themselves out of fear.”

And I thought… “Peter Cushing doesn’t bend steel bars. He asks them politely if they could tie themselves into a knot if that’s not too much trouble and they do it just to impress him.”

Because no matter how bad ass Chuck might want to pretend to be, Peter Cushing is the only man in history who ever told Darth Vader to step off and made it stick.

When Peter Cushing played Dr. Van Helsing, there was no shouting and yelling like when Hannibal Lecter played the roll. He was calm, cool and so collected that he’s still in the original packaging.

Peter Cushing doesn’t wait because he doesn’t have to. He sleeps knowing that problems wouldn’t dare crop up during his required 8 hours.

I need more Peter Cushing facts…


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