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Pro tip

When someone asks “If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?” resist the urge to groan or smack them or whatever else you might feel compelled to do.

Instead explain that they’ve got it all wrong. That while tin whistles might be made of the stuff, in reality they are so named because they are to signal to people of the presence of tin and if they move away from the sound they can avoid it.

That’ll stop them in their tracks, let me tell you.

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Here are the things I got for my birthday. Or atleast the things you can see.


From Mom & Dad comes the Superman Serials that I used to have on VHS (and probably do somewhere) but now they are on DVD!

These are two discs of cartoons from the Canadian Film Board. I could find most of them on Youtube if you’re interested in seeing some of them.

Syd gotm me two Lego games for the xbox

Holly got me a bunch of things.
Two DVD sets. One of movies one of a documentary.

And then there was the big silly looking knife that didn’t get one whole shot of besides the group shot.
Ah well.

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