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So Tired

I’m so very tired of people who are, on normal days, so very proud to be stupid and uninformed who suddenly want to be taken seriously. They never read, rarely watch anything that doesn’t contain breasts or explosions, and have only the spoon feeding that comes from TV news to rely on for information about the world. These are the people who complain that any movie or TV show that asks them to engage their brain in the slightest is not to be touched because all they want to do is relax when they sit down to watch something. The only reading any of these folk do is on the side of a cereal box, which they only manage every three or four weeks because presumably that much effort makes their brains ache. God forbid you ask them to look at a newspaper or internet news sites which often will cause lots of trouble what with differing views and not having everything laid out with a kind guiding hand like a hooker giving a kid his first time.

And yet, when it comes to something important, something REALLY important that everyone is talking about, suddenly they want you to listen to what they have to say. These people, who on an average day claim I’m being too hard on a movie because I demand a plot that couldn’t be described perfectly by a dim four year old, suddenly want me to believe they know all about this subject and that I should give their opinion the full weight I would give to someone who, for example, owns a book that they’ve actually read the whole way though.

Well why should I? Why should I have to listen to the clearly uniformed babbling of a person who clearly has no idea what the hell they’re talking about? Even if I agree with their conclusions, if they got there on faulty reasoning then it’s no good to me. If a person is working on bad logic, or misinformation, then nothing that comes from them is of any real use to anyone. Why should I spend my precious time listening to them being dead wrong about a subject? Yes, I could try to inform them and correct their mistakes so they can have a more fully formed view, but when did being their brain become my fucking job?

I flunked out of high school, I skipped out on higher education, I avoided the proof of learning via bits of paper as much as I could and yet I have at least educated myself. I took the time and the effort to learn how to think and where to look to find out if my views on subjects are justified and how to correct them if they aren’t. It wasn’t that hard, but it did take some effort. Why should I have to hold back my thought processes so I can hold their hand and lead their dumb asses through to the promise land? Particularly when what that really will lead to is my having to drag them, kicking and screaming, because they don’t want to be in the land of the smart and the informed. They want to live in the land of bed-shitting stupidity and have their thinking done for them.

It’s not like I’m unwilling to lend a hand, but when they steadfastly refuse to engage their brain in logical thought, how can you help someone who refuses to be helped? There comes a point where you have to simply shrug and quote Barbara Billingsley when she said “Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get no help! Jive ass dude don’t got no brains anyhow!”

Word Babs!
Mother. Fucking. Word!

People ask me sometimes, you know, they ask why I lock myself away from humanity and only come out in small controlled bursts. I rarely tell them the honest truth. I usually talk about not liking people or wanting to avoid killing everyone because they make me angry. Sometimes I just tell them I’m trying to emulate Nero Wolfe. That confuses them because only 1 in 20 has even heard of him.

In reality, it’s just that I can’t stand to watch humanity destroy itself like this.

They showed such promise once, these hairless talking monkeys, but that promise has gone so unfulfilled.

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