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Greenfield Village/The Henry Ford Museum (Aug 23 2009) Part Six: Maybe too much color?



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Great What Who now?

They just can’t help themselves. It must really burn them up that a black man thinks he’s allowed to be president just because a majority voted for him.

“Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope,” said Jenkins.
Great White Hope? Really? For serious? You went with a phrase like that? You do know that none of the Great White Hopes ever won a fight, right? Jack Johnson took them all on and won. I mean, even as a metaphor, it’s just begging to have your asses handed you.

They’re trying to back away from that statement right now, claiming it wasn’t racist, but I have to say that it’s too late. They’ve already confirmed what a lot of people have been thinking for sometime, that the anti-Obama stuff is all about race. Try as they might, some of us know a little about where the phrase came from and we know that the complaint is all about race. Add to the fact that they never used these terms before we had a black man as president, and these claims won’t be seen as anything but.

Of course, they’re not all about race. Some people want to see the… um… Presidential Rod in order to find out if he was cut or not. Of course, there is a strange obsession among certain white men, particularly racist men, about the size and girth of black men’s members. So maybe it’s just that again. Or they’re so far in the closet that they’re halfway to Narnia.

Thing is, I believe that if he were white and came from Boston, they’d still be after him. However, they keep going after these racist talking points, keep using racially charged terms. It’s that sort of thing that keeps me thinking they’ve got nothing. It’s like the “If Stephen Hawking lived in England” thing, that just keeps me dismissing any of their talking points. It’s one thing if you’ve got well thought out points to make, or if you have something of substance to say, but just spreading fear and bullshit isn’t impressing me.

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