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I have come to a conclusion.

After 15 years, I really don’t want to start counting again. I refuse to say things like “We’ve been married for two years, but we dated for 15 before that.”

Fuck that shit.

I’m really bad at math, like “let’s go shopping” bad, so I don’t want to have to do any more than I absolutely have to in order to get through my day.

Other factors come into it of course….

I’m not interested in whether or not other people think we have a “real relationship” or not. Beyond a comparatively small number of people, I’m really not interested in whether or not people approve of our lives. And in a nice Catch 22, if the people I want to approve of me didn’t approve, then they wouldn’t be the sort of people whose approval I’d seek. I know that makes sense to some of you and I’m pretty sure one or two will read that and scratch their heads. Put it this way, I seek their approval about other things.

If I was worried about people who aren’t one tenth as smart as me approving of what I did I would have stood stock still all my life. One of the nice things about being so much smarter than everyone, it brings this wonderful sense of arrogance and a feeling that you can pretty much do as you please.

Besides, I have a pond. I refuse to be judged by anyone who has less water and wildlife in their back yard than I do.

Then you’ve got the fact that it wouldn’t be fair to the other girlfriend if I married one or the other of them. Won’t even do it to get in on an insurance package. Let me tell you, that’s a strange thing to tell someone “Baby, I’d forgo medical insurance for your peace of mind.”

It’s going to be 15 years with Syd… sometime this week… I think. Okay, girls, boys are REALLY bad at anniversaries. Can we just get that straight right now? Not remembering goes with the penis and the whole finding The Three Stooges funny thing, kay? I’m never going to remember what day it was or when exactly it happened or anything like that. SRSLY!

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All things are possible

You see what your knowledge tells you you’re seeing. What you think the universe is and how you react to that in everything you do depends on what you know, and when that knowledge changes, for you, the universe changes.

James Burke in The Day The Universe Changed

So new Shimmer just very well may be a dessert topping AND a floor wax!

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