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Flat Rock: A Photo Tour (Part Four)

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t much matter to me if anyone is looking at these particular posts. I’ve just got to get his out so anyone interested will understand what my problem is with a place that seems to be just trying to get by. I don’t know if it’s going to fully come through, and I don’t really care. I’ve got to get it done.

Becoming a Ghost Town


Did you think I was joking about the date thing? They even stamped the clock!

It caught my eye, this building. With it’s ivy and peeling paint.

See what ivy can do to brick and mortar?


Once upon a time, some one cared. Someone thought about that window. Someone tried once. Once!

No idea what was here, but it was done in the 90s. I seem to have not gotten the door, but it had one of those “globe as sunburst” designs that were hip in those days on it. Also, three pad locks.

Even the bank closed! Let that sink in for a moment.

Used car dealership went under. Big surprise right? Well, this is Michigan. You MUST have a car here or people from Ford and GM come round your house and beat you with sticks.

I guess that, eventually, it did become a problem.

Before it became another ghost town monument, they used to do auto repair.

More vines, they’ll take over soon.

There must be some poem here, something about no one being left to prevent the rust from taking hold.

It took years of neglect to get to the point.

To be fair, this place is still active. All they’ve got left is taking away the rocks for gravel.
I’ve got nothing and now they’re taking that way too.

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Can people stop dying for the next 45 days or so?
No more deaths.
No more hospitalization either please.
Nothing more serious than a sniffle.
No more anniversaries either
Or weddings
Emotional breakdowns
Physical or emotional trauma of any kind are right out.
No more holidays either.

Also, if the computers in my house could avoid breaking?
Cars could stop needing expensive replacements,
House floodings,
Computer breakages (It happens enough to warrant a second mention)
Plumbing problems
Appliance failures
If we could just give equipment difficulty a miss for the next 6 weeks.

If things could just STOP GOING WRONG for a measly 64,800 minutes, I would greatly appreciate it. If that seems like a lot, just think of it as 1080 hours. Not that much really.

Because otherwise, I’m going to get permission from Fancy to push that big red button that she keeps telling me I really shouldn’t press. I don’t know exactly what it does, but she always says something about destroying the universe and everyone being really mad if I did press it.

I’m not asking for much, just a few days off from the constant stream. Thank you in advance ad I hope I don’t have to cause the opening of a gateway and let the Old Ones in which would pretty much be the end of the fourth dimension as we know it.

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Flat Rock: A Photo Tour (Part Three)


The School my mother went to.

Flat Rock’s Public School! Actually, I believe this building is just administration now. There is a larger building for school. You’ll notice that the building says A.D. 1911 on it. That’s not a ‘good old days’ thing, Flat Rock gets so excited when they build something new they stamp the date on it. The Rite Aid that was built in 1999 has the date it was built on it. I didn’t get a picture, but it’s true.

Now you might notice something, about the building. Look close, something about the windows.

This is the other side of the building. They put that A.D. 1911 arch on two sides of the building. The brickwork is very nice, but things are falling apart.

More crumbling masonry. Sad, my grandfather was a Mason, would he have stood for this when he lived there? Probably, the Free Masons didn’t really muck around with brickwork much when he was a member.

I only point it out because as I said before, this defines the place for me more than anything else does. The place is defined by the word “crumbling” in my mind. Even the stone can’t keep the forces away.

Again with the windows! You’ll notice there used to be much bigger windows here. And then they bricked them up and put in glass blocks.

Once upon a time, someone cared about building a place. They put a little style and pizzazz into the place.

And then they left it for a hundred years and let it crack away.

See the windows were all boarded up and covered over. I have no idea why, but they decided that windows sucked the big cannoli.

I just like the way this shot turned out.

This one too.

I heightened the color here so you can make out all the places where bricks have been replaced and things have been torn out and changed. Also you can clearly see all the windows that have been covered.

If you know your trends in building materials, you can even tell when they replaced the big windows with these little portals. Mid 80s to very early 90s. You can tell because you could conceivably open these. After the mid 90s they’d have been completely sealed, no question.

Again, I have to ask, why? Did the wide-open windows let in too much light? Could they be opened and allow fresh air to come in? Did they just make the place feel more like a place where a young soul could learn and grow and less like a prison? WHY?

Again, someone gave a shit once. But not much of one, as you can see (I didn’t, but pointed it out.) the lines on the name plate saying Flat Rock don’t match the columns. I think the name pieces might be replacements, put in after people stopped caring.

Note how they aren’t cracked and shattered like the masonry near them.

Also note how someone just decided to screw a light to the outside of the building. Ad hoc and neglect, as I said before.

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Flat Rock: A Photo Tour (Part Two)


Let’s get on with the tour, shall we?

Now what sort of building do you suppose this is? There is a hint, if you look carefully.

Hmm, low brick, chimney, some hoops in the background…

That’s right! It’s a church. The hint was the long line of handicap spots.

I took this one because I’ve always been struck by how there is no window in the front, just this brick wall.

This is represents one of my problems with Flat Rock. It’s the ad hoc, mixed with the neglect.

So interested are they in Christian Charity they put up this football goal looking bar to prevent tired truckers from entering their parking lot and having a nap.

Again, I’m always struck by the idea of crumbling concrete. It’s almost the defining image in my head.

I took the color from this last shot and then realized I didn’t have to. If anything, the full color image is more depressing.

Hey! It’s local sub shop Capt. Nemo’s! How is business these days?

Huh… empty.

Ah, that explains it. Another casualty.

This is the municipal building, but I didn’t get very good shots of it.

It’s like a silver crescent, it’s actually pretty cool.

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