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Flat Rock: A Photo Tour (Part Four)

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t much matter to me if anyone is looking at these particular posts. I’ve just got to get his out so anyone interested will understand what my problem is with a place that seems to be just trying to get by. I don’t know if it’s going to fully come through, and I don’t really care. I’ve got to get it done.

Becoming a Ghost Town


Did you think I was joking about the date thing? They even stamped the clock!

It caught my eye, this building. With it’s ivy and peeling paint.

See what ivy can do to brick and mortar?


Once upon a time, some one cared. Someone thought about that window. Someone tried once. Once!

No idea what was here, but it was done in the 90s. I seem to have not gotten the door, but it had one of those “globe as sunburst” designs that were hip in those days on it. Also, three pad locks.

Even the bank closed! Let that sink in for a moment.

Used car dealership went under. Big surprise right? Well, this is Michigan. You MUST have a car here or people from Ford and GM come round your house and beat you with sticks.

I guess that, eventually, it did become a problem.

Before it became another ghost town monument, they used to do auto repair.

More vines, they’ll take over soon.

There must be some poem here, something about no one being left to prevent the rust from taking hold.

It took years of neglect to get to the point.

To be fair, this place is still active. All they’ve got left is taking away the rocks for gravel.
I’ve got nothing and now they’re taking that way too.

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