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Flat Rock: A Photo Tour (Part Five)

The Great Ghost


Here we have the place that Cthulu would erupt from, if he bothered to be at such a place.

That’s where my cousin worked, before they went under. He got another job, at another place that went under. Thus did the journey of his death begin, with a lack of funds and spiritual loss, leading to not being able to see a doctor, spiraling problems and the eventual end. Good thing we don’t have socialized medicine, otherwise a good man that everyone liked might have lived. Who wants that?

Well, enough of that! Let’s get to the big thing shall we, the thing I’ve been building up to. The grand monument of a town that is dying right before our eyes, let’s get to where the shopping plaza used to be…

As you can see, the place isn’t completely dead. Off in the distance you can see that McDonalds is doing business. Only place most of these poor bastards can afford to eat now.

Used to be a Food Town here. Until it closed and they took every thing out. Was a drug store too, once upon a time. I neglected to get a good shot, but there was also once a Kmart here. That too is gone, they’ve all gone. Gone to Hemingford Home, or if not there, then away to Boulder.

There are no carts, no cars, nothing left. Just a sign from a day when they could put cursive under the printing because people could read it.

Not even floor tiles, they’ve stripped this place.

I’m not naïve enough to believe they’re cleaning the place up to refurbish it. This is a dead spot. You can feel it when you step over it. It’s a shunned place. Even the teenagers don’t hang out here.

Even the benches were taken apart, leaving only this glyph for the cultural anthropologist in you to decipher. I’m guessing this reads “We’ve gone to Boulder, do not tarry here.”

Grass higher than my knee.

You can see the remains of those who left.

Some places simply moved, some went under, some are still trying to hold on with everything they’ve got. I would like to salute them, but all I can really do is shake my head and walk away.

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