I'll come up with something in a minute.

It’s called self aggrandizing and it’s perfectly natural, just got to wash my hands when I’m done.

I have started to post one of my big pre-written projects. Surprise, surprise, I actually got it done in time to do what I wanted. Project #245 was my Halloween project for Retroflix, and it started posting today. Once a week I’m going to post a review for an appropriately Halloweenesque movie. Every Tuesday is my plan, if you want to look in that would be cool. This week’s entry is the 1931 Dracula, ‘cause you gotta start with Béla Lugosi as Dracula.


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A few things I forgot to post along the way…




And I recently bought this for myself

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I had a vision of a bad NES or SNES game version of L.A. Confidential.
Basically, it would be sort of like the Dick Tracy Video Game and like that game it would be sooooo clear that the makers hadn’t actually watched the movie or at least had been handed this project by someone before the movie was actually finished.

I have a vision of the voice over script for the video game…

Play L.A. Confidential for the Super Nintendo System! Play as Jack, Ed or Bud as they beat up suspects, collect clues and work their way through L.A.’s underground on the search for Rollo Tomasi. Car chases, gun fights, and the hottest babes this side of Hollywood! Get L.A. Confidential and get the evidence! New from Acclaim.

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