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Perchance to Dream (is the sequel to The Big Sleep)

The worst kind of sleep I have is when I don’t really sleep solidly and the dream I was having keeps getting interrupted and starts over. It’s like someone who really, REALLY wants to tell a joke, but they can only tell it from the beginning and so they start over every time. Well, I watched a bunch of versions of The Aristocrats before finally collapsing into my bed and trying to get the 6 hours of “sleep” I managed.

Only I kept waking up, and so the dream kept coming back. And it was someone telling me The Aristocrats over and over again. And over, and over, and over, in every permutation you can think of. This has been my whole week, not the specifics, I only had the joke today, you understand. The other day it was a fourteen second lop of me wondering why drinking straws were twice as wide as they used to be and wondering if it was to drink something other than pop… for six hours! Today, I had a two minute loop of the same joke. Only it wasn’t really the same. It kept morphing from slot to slot until by the end, the person in the dream was telling me the plot of the Dario Argento movie Suspiria, which is a pretty good trick because I only know that movie by reputation.

No, really, I don’t even know the plot of the movie, I haven’t even read the plot thingy on the wiki page. One of the gaps in my movie knowledge is Italian Horror, I am woefully ignorant there. However! Having said that, if someone buys me the movie (or sends me a copy in some way) I’ll write a detailed review for you. I just dropped it on my wishlist so you can have it sent right to me if you so desire. It’s not that I’m that hot for it, I’m just curious as to what this movie that turned up in my dream is, but not enough to pay my own money. I am of course, willing to sing for my supper though.

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