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Fashion Police

Another interesting thing about history is there are often times when jokes were real.

Take “Fashion Police” for one example. That’s a term we apply to people who have absolutely no life, and regularly have zero taste, complaining about people who have done something with their lives dressing in a way that might not fit with the approval of complete losers. To call the current fashion police powerless and pathetic is hardly touching on the tip of that iceberg. That one person should be able to tell another what they can and can’t wear is merely the flapping of lips that have no better use these days.


There was a time when there was a sort of fashion police. I believe this was just in England, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I can’t find it quickly online and I don’t care to search, so you’re going to get recollection and people who know can tell me where I was wrong later.

During the mediæval period, after one of the waves of plague swept through, there was a time when common people started to have money. They’d inherited everything from all the people who died and could spend quite a lot on clothes now. The problem there is that the upper classes didn’t like the idea of upwardly mobile peasants. So, they got laws passed saying that you had to be a member of the landed gentry in order to wear shoes with pointed toes, furs, bright colors, silks, or those silly cone hats they always used to sell at Ren Fairs but I haven’t seen in a while. These were also the times when a woman wearing a pair of pants was grounds for her being burned at the stake.

This means there had to be someone walking around and making sure people were following the new laws, and thus there must have been Fashion Police.

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I was doing some research and happened over and interesting fact.

Blue Jays are corvids, the same sort of bird as ravens and crows.

Huh, who knew?


Yes, thank you! Obviously they knew, but I didn’t.

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