I'll come up with something in a minute.


Do you remember me saying Syd wanted a Steampunk outfit? I came up with two ways to companion to that outfit. One, no problem, a few things to get, but mostly I have everything. I’ve actually got a morning suit and have had for sometime. All I’d need is a new hat, a nifty vest, and a few bits and bobs and BOOM, standard Victorian villain. I’ve got most the clothes I would need for it already, just a few things to make me a bit punky and a bit villainy.

The second is cooler, more expensive and more favored by me. I would like to be a serial hero. Somewhere between steampunk and masked hero territory. Boots, gun, leather coat, and a mask** if I was feeling cheeky.
**No, obviously not that one. I own a black leather mask already.

What I really want to do though is get these guns and gun belt which are replicas of The Phantom’s outfit. Yeah, I really do want them, no I don’t need the complete costume. I would then get a Yellow Hat, a Red Scarf and black cape with red lining. After that it would be a green mask, and either a bull whip or use the sword I already have to carve the letter Z everywhere. My theme? “I’m just about everybody!”

Actually, I want The Phantom Guns and Holster belt for use in my second idea. I think I would get hot and weighed down if I tried the third idea, fun as it might be. Besides, I find The Phantom’s toys to be so darn neat.

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