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It’s like they don’t even know we think they’re evil

I I am really mystified here. I honestly am blown away by the stupidity and arrogance of the insurance companies right now. They know their asses are on the line, they know a lot of people want to see their entire industry lined up against a wall, and yet they keep denying coverage left and right for reasons that sound insane. Claiming and infant is overweight, claiming another is underweight. I mean really, a woman was told her breasts were a pre-existing condition. Every story only confirms the prejudice that these companies are evil and need to be taken down, and these stories keep coming. Now that we’re looking for it, we can find an evil act everyday.

And yet, they keep pulling this shit. Not only that, they aren’t doing any sort of PR campaign to tell us why we should like them and thank them for saving us or anything. All I hear is teabaggers yelling “Rar, rar, socialist, nazi, commie, fascist, pinko, faggot!” and Mike Steel proudly declaring he’s a cow on the tracks of progress. A statement that pisses me off since if my cousin could have afforded some health care, as early as august, he probably wouldn’t be dead right now. It seems to me that obstructionism killed my family member. But never mind that, we’re not talking about the few idiots who are trying to protect their corporate masters. Although, I have to say that besides a few astroturfers and the elected officials who get campaign dollars from these guys, I find very little support for the insurance companies in the wild. Even the intelligent hard right wingers I know admit that there is a serious problem and reform is needed. We might disagree on the solution, but I haven’t found anyone informed who isn’t admitting that the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

You’d think the insurance companies would be doing a bit more not to be portrayed as the Snidely Whiplashes of America, since it makes anyone who calls for a system were we don’t actually need them all the more the Dudley Do-Rights here. I keep thinking that they’d want to do something to counter all the bad press instead of constantly being shown twiddling their mustaches while throwing another orphan out into the cold and tying another woman to the tracks.

At the very least, you’d think they’d realize they’re under the microscope at the moment and maybe not deny every claim that comes across their desk.

Give you another example. Holly had a doctor’s appointment almost a year ago. The insurance company bounced the claim because the bill was sent wrong, then they admitted they needed to pay for it. Nearly ten months later, they announced that they had cut a check for the amount, but it hadn’t been sent yet. To this day, it still hasn’t been mailed. They’re sitting on a check, hoping that they won’t have to mail it or something. How can this be a system that works? Even when they admit they should pay, they still avoid paying.

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