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Started talking about the Tunguska event and decided to do a comedy Canadian voice for the Russians because my Russian accent is shit and I figure everyone who live above a certain latitude mark probably all sound the same. So We started with an innocent “Oh yeah, there was this explosion eh, and it knocked down all the trees ’round here, but we didn’t think nothin’ of it cause there’s nothing up here.” This ended up with me extending that to “We’re gonna storm the Winter Palace and then go over to Timmie’s for some coffee. Oh, I love that hazelnut roast they do over there.” And then that took us to, “I hope the German’s wrap up warm if they invade, cause it gets cold in the winter donchano. I just hope they put chains on their tanks or they’re gonna get stuck.”

Once Stalin’s clearing came into the conversation I was really into it and had them sending people off to die in the Gulags with a hearty “We’ll see you later, you take care now. Try not to be an enemy of the state anymore, eh?”

I’m afraid it only got worse from there and I was eventually decried as a thing of evil.

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