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Swords of Might Grab Bag 2: A Very Disappointing Grab Bag

Got another $100 Swords of Might bag… or did I? I would almost say we were charged for a $100 bag but received a $50 bag, since this is nothing like the first one.

I don’t even think I could flog this off on ebay and get my $100 back. I’m pretty much stuck with a severely undervalued grab bag. The problem there is they keep saying how they give people far more than their money’s worth. Tell me, is this worth $100?

FIRST lets have a look at the first grab bag we got. 3 swords, an axe, a stand, some knives and other bits of stuff. 12 items in all.

Now, this bag…

Cutest thing in the box.

Instead of 36, it comes in at 16 pounds.

Maybe you can’t see how small and paltry the box looks from here. Trust me, it is.

A sweatshirt and a t-shirt for Halo 2.

Two small tea light holders. Cute, but not impressive.

A crystal light thingy.

A sword they sent me last time.

And this thing

Which turned out to be a knife.

With nekedness.

7 items, and nothing that impresses me. One sword, one knife, two shirts, a crystal light thing and some candle holders. Nothing like the box we got last time. I’m not even going to hunt down the values, it’s just not worth the time or effort this time. Certainly not worth the money.

I am severely disappointed. I think I’ll even write them to express that.

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