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Sometimes they just jump out at me.

So, it seems that Miyamoto Musashi once fought a whale. With, like, a sword and shit.

I wouldn’t shit you.

You know, I keep thinking that I’ve seen it all. I keep thinking nothing can shock me. You’d think after The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife there wouldn’t be anymore surprises in store for me. But a samurai, surfing on a right whale, and getting ready to stick it in the back with his sword?

Yeah, sometimes stuff just sumps out and reminds me that the world is a seriously messed up place.

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Cartoon Review: Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Garfield’s Thanksgiving (1989 Dir. Phil Roman)

Even Garfield can’t believe he’s in this stupid special.

You know what I’ve discovered recently, I hate Garfield. It’s really sad when the best part of your cartoon is that Lou Rawls sings the song over your credit sequence. It’s doubly sad because I always sort of saw that as an attempt to copy the Peanuts Specials with their use of Vince Guaraldi’s jazz music. Of course since Garfield was a cynical and calculated attempt to cash in on what had gone before, it pretty much measures up. I hate to be really nasty, but it is true that Garfield hasn’t been funny in 20 years and these specials pinpoint that fact. There is a joke in here that shows up in all three of the specials on this DVD, pretty much at the same time in each one too. It’s pretty sad to see how little effort went into each of these cartoons.

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