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You know why I have to stop drinking cola?

The crashes.

When the caffeine and sugar wear off, the downward slope is really bad. Like, really-really bad. Like deep, dark funk bad. Like a funk so funktastic that only George Clinton could find me in all that funk. Except George has got other things to do today and can’t come to rescue me.

You know, that reminds me, I need a copy of Graffiti Bridge. The world has gone without my review of this seminal classic for too long. Someone go onto my Amazon Wishlist and buy me a copy so I can review it. No, really. Go on. I’d do it myself but I spent my gift card on a copy of a Time Album and Simply Mad About The Mouse. I wish I was joking, but in a way, I’m glad I’m not.

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Reading Material

I’ve been reading The Completely MAD Don Martin and I’m really enjoying it. Yes, it’s just a great big comic book, but I still like it. We didn’t pay anything like the price Amazon wants for it though. We found it for about $25 at a Barnes & Noble during the holiday season.

You could get the Absolutely MAD DVD and have everything in these books though. I own the DVD, and I read the magazine on my computer from time to time. I like the big edition though, makes me feel good to have it.

Let’s ask the seal how he feels…
seal of approval

I feel the same way about my Absolute Edition of Watchmen, my Complete Far Side and my huge Dinosaur book which I’ve talked about before.

I should get the big Dilbert book and we all need the Calvin and Hobbs books.

What I’m saying is that in this new world of Kindles and Nooks, the only physical book worth having is a HUGE picture book*.

*I used a Kindle recently, and I found it to be an amazingly easy to use machine. Syd’s getting a Nook next month when the silly thing ships and I expect that to be very easy to use as well. I really like not having to hold the book open, I like not having to find a piece of paper to mark my place, and I liked being able to change the font size to match how tired my eyes were. We’ll see how I like the Nook, but it and the Kindle have almost (but not quite) identical specs, so it will probably be the same for me.

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