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Five things, Still in the Wilderness Edition

1. I feel bad that so much time has gone by since a 5 thing entry, since a proper poll, since I talked about waffles and since I shouted Shwanekee. However, since I know about these things, maybe I can do something about them.

2. I know Young Einstein is a dumb movie. I know it’s just montages and music videos with a little bit of plot scattered between them. I still like it though.

3. I am not back to my full creative capacity, but I think I know which direction to travel in. I’ll get there.

4. I’m not sure, but our wowway.com email addresses may get shut off, or bumped for a few days. We’re trying to look into that. You can still get me at my gmail account though.

5. Ookla the Mok was right when they said “Everything’s so complicated”

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