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Well… we saw it.

Six things to say.

1. I can see why they called it Avatar, “Dances with Pocahontas’s Last Smurf on the Dunes of Fern Gully” wouldn’t have fit on the poster.

2. The 3D was a detriment to the storytelling. It yanked me out of the movie every time they turned on the wow factor. The wow factor didn’t really impress me by the way. I don’t know, it was pretty and all, but it didn’t trill me.

3. Actual quote when the guy started shooting at the Helicopter. “Because that’s how you get to be a Colonel in the Marines. You act like a hot headed asshole who just wants to get everyone killed.”

4. It didn’t need to be three hours long. Could have clocked that in a 110 minutes and done the same job better.

5. You don’t get to have floating mountains in a Sci-Fi. And if you do, how did they get the water up to the top for there to be a waterfall?

6. Trireme doesn’t defeat battle ship. No matter how much you believe or how hard you clap your hands, no matter how many good-looking white Americans you’ve got on your side, when a fairy goes against a space ship TINKERBELLE DIES!

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