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What’s in that drink?

I saw an ad at the resturant where we ate dinner tonight. It was for a margarita made with something called Jaguar Vodka.

Why has vodka become the go to for every kind of drink lately? I’ve seen daiquiris advertised with vodka as well. Any day now I expect to hear someone talking about a whisky and soda made with vodka. When did vodka become the go-to replacement hooch, and more importantly… why? Is it because you want to get sloshed without the flavor? Drink grain alcohol then because vodka has flavors. Disappointment, resentment, evil and hate are flavors.

Just because I personally hate vodka (what with being a sensible person with working taste buds) doesn’t mean I’d be okay with a different liquor included. If someone offered me a gimlet made with Bushmill’s, I’d like to think I would still be complaining. If someone mixed rum and vermouth in a glass and told me it was a martini, I would still look at them as if they had just recently imported from Mars.

It’s just plain wrong kids, just plain wrong.

February 11, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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