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Jack & Jill (Part Seven)

Jack & Jill (A Love Story)

A Jack Collier Story

By Brett N. Lashuay



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Part Seven: Jill Sees Jack


            I first saw him after I’d been with Cole for about 2 weeks. I think it was two weeks, I’m not sure actually. I’ve kind of blocked everything about Cole, except when Jack was around. I can remember the first time I saw Jack exactly. It’s been crystallized in my mind, with every detail picked out like an HD camera.


            I was watching TV when Cole’s big truck came up the driveway. I turned off the TV and got up, waiting for him to have his way with me again. He’d already told me that if I ran away he’d kill my parents and make me wish I was dead. I suppose that some people would say that I should have run away anyway, but I was so far from home and I was scared of him.


            Cole didn’t hit me, didn’t make me undress, he just put me up stairs in my room. He pushed me onto the bed and told me to stay away from the window. He swore at me, told me that he’d kill me if I went to the window, and then slammed the door. I could hear his key clumsily work its way into the slot, proving he worked locks like he fucked. The dead bolt turned and the key was yanked out, then his heavy feet stomped and clomped away from the door and down the stairs.


            The curtains weren’t closed though, so I could have a look out the window if I wanted to. The only trick would be to avoid having Cole notice that I was stealing a glance at the outside world despite his admonitions. If I could see out there, I might know what he was worried about and even signal someone to help me. That would have to be done with exquisite care though. If Cole figured it out, he would tear me open from my groin to my neck and hang me upside down to let my guts spill into my face.


            I must admit to you though, that I was curious about what could have so worried him that he would run to lock me away and then run back downstairs. My curiosity wouldn’t have been so peeked had he not rushed me in so peremptorily. Because he had, I was desperately curious to see what had caused him to do this.


            I heard another truck pull up and then a very odd sounding engine. It wasn’t another truck, but it was a car with a lot of power. I got up from the floor where Cole had so rudely thrown me, skulking carefully towards the window. I saw the blue classic car just as he was getting out of it. I remember him perfectly, down to the last detail. He was wearing a brown suit, of an old fashioned cut and a blue shirt and black tie. He wore a brown fedora as well, which made him look like some sort of romantic hero from a by gone age.


            I was encapsulated by him. I knew he was the man who had come to save me. I stepped forward as he looked up at the windows and our eyes locked. It was like making love, not the dirty, filthy way Cole fucked, but a pure and wonderful love. It was lovemaking that needed no connection, no bodies, nothing dirty and unpure. It was love that made me feel a flutter deep inside me. I stepped back, away from the window for fear that my passion might cause me to throw myself through the glass at him.


            He looked down as I started to back away, he was probably only looking up at me for an instant, but it seemed to go on for a life time. I felt like I’d never felt before, like I’d been struck by cupid’s own bolt and that my life would never be the same. I’m not sure how, but I knew I was safe then. I knew it like I know my own name. I knew, without a singular doubt, that I would be saved before dawn broke the next day.


            I heard them talking from my window, and he was asking about the immigrant workers. What a clever ruse my darling, my love had made to come save me. I knew that he had come for me, but he was pretending to be here for someone else. It was that sort of brilliance that made me love him.


            I watched him as he spoke to the four of them, and I noticed that while he was listening he had a habit of tapping his front two teeth with his left thumbnail. That’s the kind of detail you notice about a person when you’re in love with them. He shook his head at something one of them said and started to laugh at one of their jokes. I could see in his eyes, he was already forming a plan to come save me.


            They walked around the side of the house, and my love left my sight. I could feel the pain of that leaving like a steel dagger pierced straight into my heart. I didn’t want him to leave my sight, because the panic started that maybe he wasn’t here to save me. Maybe he had come for some other reason. I had to hold myself back to avoid throwing myself through the window. I wanted to hold him, to reassure myself that he was real.


            I could feel my longing for him in the pit of my stomach, my toes ached over it. I’m not sure I actually breathed while waiting for them to return with him, I feared they would engage in some treachery which might result in him getting hurt. I can’t imagine I took in air the whole time, my heart may have stopped from the pain and fear.


            They were gone for an eternity. They were gone long enough for the stars to burn out, for the black holes to eat the planets, and for the entire thing to explode again. They were gone so long I almost wanted to cry, knowing that they had killed him.


            Then they came around from the other side of the house, and I saw him again. I had to step back when I saw the others. I was held by the fear that Cole might see me. I felt such a wave of relief that I sat on the floor and waited for my breath to come back to me. My head was spinning with relief and my knees would no longer hold me up.


            I heard a car door slam, an engine start and I knew he was leaving. I wanted to throw myself at the window, to beg him to take me with him now, but I knew that would be unsafe. I knew they’d kill us both if I did anything like that. I had to be smart, had to act like I hadn’t moved from the place where Cole had thrown me down. Had to wait until he came to save me.


            When they other car left, Cole came back. I forget what happened, but I’m sure he fucked me again. He always fucked me, whenever he came back he fucked me. I don’t say he raped me, because by then I’d stopped fighting him. I just let him fuck me because it was easier that way. I let him fuck me, and then he went downstairs to watch a game on TV. I lay on the floor for a long time, waiting for the disgust to go away. I hated him, but he was my owner.


            Cole had broken me, Cole had burned me with that hot iron brand, Cole owned me. He’d explained that he owned me and I could only be taken from him if someone killed him. Even if we were separated, he would own me forever until someone killed me and then I would be that person’s. I knew though, that Jack would kill him, and Jack would take me and Jack would be a kind owner. I knew that it was crazy, but the world had stopped making sense.


            I got up after a while though, and I went to the bathroom. I scrubbed myself good and hard, I cleaned myself for a long time, trying to wash Cole off of me. I wanted to be clean for Jack, I wanted to be pure for him. I didn’t even know his name yet, but I knew I loved him and I knew he would come and save me.


            I cleaned and cleaned, and then I found the whitest of the clothes Cole had given me to wear. I put on the plainest, the humblest, of the underwear. I put on white pants and a plain white shirt. I was going to look pure for him, I was going to look as virginal as I could. It would be important to meet the man I would be with forever while looking as pure as possible.


            I didn’t sleep, I barely moved, I just sat up and waited for my knight to come rescue me from this tower I had been ensconced into by the evil man called King. I knew that he was coming, I knew that he had come to rescue me, and I knew that he wouldn’t keep me waiting long.


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