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Not enough Raptors

The problem with my life is that there just aren’t enough velociraptors to go around these days. If I had a small army of dromaeosaurs then I could work out so many of life’s little problems. Frankly, an army made up of any carnivorous theropods would do. Or some of each, for different plans. A dozen T-Rexs for big jobs, Compsognathus for more intimate hits. Deinonychus for the everyday stuff though. They’re good all around problem solvers. And of course the utahraptor for when you’ve had enough and just decide to wipe out everybody.

Sadly though, there just aren’t enough of them for me to put together the dino-death squad I want.

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An Important Message.

So on the latest poll I got a new question. As you know, I like to answer all questions, but this one is special.

This stuff’s gonna sell, right?
Watch this…

Hey, everybody? Could you do your old pal Grey Weirdo a favor? Check out the Fortunate Sky Steampunk shop for me. You’ll find a lot of neat jewelry at reasonable prices. If you want something more in the range of some nice rosaries, check out Purple Mercury Cat’s shop. Now in a little bit, the artists responsible for those is going to open a new shop, and when she does I would deem it a personal favor if you’d check that site out and buy something if it catches your eye. If you like what you see, pimp it around. Every artist needs encouragement and exposure, so if you could help get the name around I would appreciate it.

Thanks kids. I couldn’t ask for a kinder or sexier readership than you.

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