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Words of wisdom

Don’t look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Stomp along to it, and turn the bloody thing on for yourself.

Sarah Millican

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Why that post?

Can someone, anyone please tell me what about this post screams erectile dysfunction?

Ever since posting it, I’ve gotten 5 to 10 spam comments everyday for Viagra, just on that one post and just on this one spot. Doesn’t happen in blogger, doesn’t happen in LJ, just on the wordpress version. Granted, it never gets to be seen as a comment because wordpress always thinks it’s spam and holds it in a que for me to check, but normally that would just get flushed aside and I’d never even see it. For some reason though, these get through and I have to delete them.

As I say though, I don’t understand what in that post says “I’m impotent! I need the fact that Viagra exists to be hammered home to me.”

It’s just odd.

Is it the Curaçao? It’s the Curaçao isn’t it? The only people who drink Blue Curaçao are people who are hoping the blue coloring is what gives men boners aren’t they? Thing is, if that where true, Midol is almost the exact same color and a very similar shape.

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The Plan (a poem)

I have a plan, it’s a good plan, a near perfect plan.

There is just one TINY problem with the plan.

It won’t work.

No, don’t ask what part, it’s pretty much screwed from start to finish

Which I must admit, even for me, is something of a hindrance if I want the plan to go through.

I’ll work it out though.

Fancy has an alternate idea that she says is awesome.

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