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Five Things I’m Fascinated By

When was the last time I did a five things list? Last month it seems. Well, let’s do another one okay? Let’s do this one!

1. Unexplained oddities. I like a mystery, and I like things to be odd. I could have picked a lot of things, but I went with this one Cracked article.

2. Language of the Fan. Yes, I know it was a marketing idea, yes I know it’s way more recent than most people know, yes I know it’s silly. I don’t care. I really love the idea of women using fans to secretly chit-chat.

3. Retrofuturism. There are few things I love so much as having a look back and seeing what people thought the world was going to be like. I prefer serious attempts at futurism rather than those made for entertainment. Star Trek is neat and all, but I really dig seeing how scientist who knew what they were talking about thought we’d live.

4. Women. What? I happen to find the thoughts and ideas of women to be fascinating. And, yes, on a purely aesthetic level, I also think the female form is interesting and beautiful to look at. Yes, okay fine, I like women on a sexual level as well. Nothing to be ashamed of, I’m a healthy young lad and it does factor as number three behind brains and just looking. Odd as it may sound, I really do like most of you for your minds.

5. Marketing failures. Let’s just go down a list of some of my favorites… OK Soda, Crystal Pepsi, New Coke, Arch Deluxe and of course, Premier cigarettes. Yes, that last one isn’t really a marketing failure because Premiers never really made it to the market, but it goes so well with the rest of the list.

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Movies are a comin’

A movie version of the comic book The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is going to hit France soon. It looks interesting and I will have to keep an eye out for it when it hits here.

Look at the trailer.

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