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The Henry Ford Museum (March 26, 2010)


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As Sallah said to Indy “Bad Dates”

Can I ask a question of everyone? I hope so, because I’m going to.

I was asked a question the other day and it made me wonder if men and women don’t see this differently. Someone asked what my worst dating experience was, and I really couldn’t think of one. It’s not that I’ve never had a bad date or anything, but a “Worst Ever” experience? Nothing comes to mind.

It got me thinking. I’ve heard girl talking about bad dates, and when you get them going, you can get some real horror stories. Guys don’t seem to have that so much though. I know one or two guys who have dated complete psychos, but usually he’s stuck in a relationship with her instead of one or two dates.

This is my experience anyway.

Is it because guys do most the asking? Is there some sort of buffer for guys? Is it that we see a girl who looks like a bunny boiler and we don’t even approach? I’ve found myself wondering about this for like two days now, because it seems odd that I can’t remember but one or two tales from guys. Those stories are normally told in the back room with an air of “Gather round lads, I have a cautionary tale to tell…” and almost always, any given guy only has one story. The assumption I’ve always carried is that a guy learns his lesson and avoids the crazy after that.

As I say though, it tends to be an on going relationship. Even if it’s just that said girl has become obsessed and wants to wear our skin like a costume, it’s an ongoing stalking we have to worry about instead of just one bad date. Or is it possible I’m too forgiving, too kind, too careful, and too mentally maladjusted to the point where fear is something that happens to other people?

What I want to know is, do guys have horrific dating stories? And if they do, are there more than one or two?

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Photo Everyday (014)


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