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Keeping the disc

In preperation for the move, I’ve pulled maybe 100 DVDs from my collection. Mainly things that I either got as part of a set but never had an interest in watching, things I’ve half watched and have no desire to finish, and things I’ve replaced with better versions. There were also some TV shows that Holly liked and I didn’t, so I gave them to her. You know what I’ve kept though? My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas, which my mother got for us four or five years ago and we have NEVER watched. We looked at the disc, just a peek, and the horror of the sing along song was sufficient for us never to want to open that dark chest of evil again.

Why then? Why not pull it? Why not discard it? I asked myself these questions. Actually, what I asked was “When am I even going to watch this?”

And a voice, dark and fell, speaking in the eldritch tones of comic sans replied, “December.”

This was an odd answer, so I asked back, “Pardon?”

And the voice was only too happy to expand on that answer, “You’re going to want something to review come VEWPRF time.”

“Oh come now!” I expressed, “Surely I have plenty of material to review. I don’t need this little bit of nightmare fodder.”

The little dark voice, an obvious grin in its dark tones asked, “Can you honestly say any of them are quite as good as this?”

“Good to watch or good for writing a review?” I asked.

“Well, clearly it’s a sliding scale.” It explained.

After having this discussion with what must be a manifestation of my own madness, I went and asked Syd about it. She must be working with a voices, because she said, “Keep it, you probably will want to write a review of it later.”

This is what being doomed is like kids. At least I have a few months to gather my strength before it happens.

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