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Lost Powers

You know something that always strikes me? The “I lost my superpowers” story is one of the dumbest storylines I can think of. This is actually one of the places where I wonder if Batman doesn’t have superpowers. He’s got intellect and physical fitness driven by an obsessive disorder that we spent most of the nineties reading about, and reaches a point where he exceeds other men. Gimme a second, I’m getting to the point.

Unless Batman took a crane hook to the temple, could he loose his detective powers? To what level would you expect his mental powers to be lowered if someone had a ray gun that would take people’s powers away? Would he suddenly be lowered to the level where he’d need a caretaker to sign important papers for him? What about his physical prowess? Would he become crippled and unable to move around without a wheelchair?

I ask these questions because taking powers away from say, Superman, never really addresses those problems. They just make him a “Normal Man” without ever really telling us what baseline normal is. I find it particularly troubling since these days we’re supposed to have better explanations for powers than “Cause I said so” and give some kind of science to the reasons. Superman, according to the movie, is supposed to have an extremely dense molecular structure which is why he can’t be hurt. You can’t just zap away an extremely dense molecular structure, can you? His strength would be a direct result of having to carry a body that heavy around, and in the first few years he didn’t actually fly, he just jumped really far. My point is, you’d have to change his entire physical being. There is a lot more to him than just zapping away his powers. You’d have to transform him from an alien, into a human… or something.

Spider-Man’s powers are supposed to be a result of a change in his DNA after the mutating effects of being bitten by the radioactive spider. That of course depends on whose version you read, but I’m going to go with it for the moment. You can’t just zap away his powers, or have them fade because he’s under the influence of a depressive spell. Yes, actually I am looking directly in Sam Raimi’s direction, why do you ask?

This is why I bring up Batman first, because in many ways he has a superpower. Sure, it’s the result of insanity mixed with hard work, but his levels of wealth and determination are as much a product of fantasy as a man flying or climbing up a wall. If you say you’re going to strip Superman of his ability to fly, without any explanation besides a crystal chamber or Spider-Man because he’s caught a sever case of Emo, then why not say you’re going to strip Batman of his upper body strength or suddenly zap away his wealth. It makes roughly the same amount of sense really.

In a way, it’s like the problem people have with any number of so-called invisible illnesses. People take one glance and can’t see immediately what the problem is and declare that the sufferer should be able to snap out of it, or stop faking, or that it was insane to suggest they could ever fly in the first place. Batman’s imaginary wealth and physical prowess is a more traditional disability, a missing leg or something. It’s easy to see the source of the problem, even at a glance, so no one ever suggests just removing the issue even though it would be just as easy for a person with out a leg to get over it as it would be for a fibromyalgia or depression sufferer to do.

This got more symbolic than I meant it to. Either way, it’s a bad storyline and I don’t like it.

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I have a strange love for these little cans.
I can’t explain it, but I love these things.

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