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We need another Wizard

You know what 3D hasn’t had yet? The Wizard of Oz. I don’t mean that someone needs to remake The Wiz in 3D, but that there hasn’t been a movie that has demanded a 3D viewing yet. Can you imagine watching The Wizard of Oz without color? It would be horrible, right*? That’s my problem with 3D thus far. There hasn’t been a movie that NEEDS to be in 3D to really get it. Color was integral to The Wizard of Oz. Interestingly enough, Oz was just the final nail in the “Color is just a gimmick” argument’s coffin. It wasn’t the first Technicolor film, it wasn’t even the first big one that we still remember. In fact, like 3D, color went through several technical stages before they started to get it right. It was 3 strip Technicolor** that really did it. Like 3D, color was around for decades before it went beyond the gimmick stage. Some time I should really do a retrospective on the gimmick of color, because it was also a gimmick for a long time. However, once they got it right, they managed to make it really worth something in just three years.

You had Snow White in 1937, The Adventures of Robin Hood in 1938 and then Wizard of Oz & Gone with the Wind in 1939. In three years, you had a fairly wide collection of movies, pretty much something for everyone. While color was not an integral part to most of those, I think most people would have a problem picturing them without color. No one made Black & White prints like they make 2D prints for people who won’t want to see the 3D versions. For that matter, I don’t think there were silent versions of early sound movies either.

That’s the problem, there hasn’t been anything like that yet. Someone has to really sit down and work out visuals for a movie that really ONLY works when seen in 3D. It’s not Alice in Wonderland, and it isn’t Avatar. Haven’t seen it yet, but when it does, it will be the most successful 3D movie ever. Right now, that movie has some serious work to do. If you want to unset the most financially successful 3D movies, hell one of the most successful movies period, you’ve got to unseat The Stewardesses! Yeah, not Avatar. The 3D movie that made the most money for the least investment was a 1969 skinflick that made 300 times its investment back. What’s even more interesting is that according to this review, it was even worse than Avatar. Say what you will about Avatar (and I have) it at least has a plot.

*Yes, yes, I know before 1960-whatever everyone watched it in black and white on TV. Fuck off, I’m trying to make a point here.
**First used for a full length feature in 1935 for Becky Sharp, a movie that exactly no one remembers.

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