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Photo Everyday (036)


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Spam spam spam

I find sometimes that I actually do read some of the spam that I get these days. I don’t get much spam in my e-mail, but the blogs get a fair amount.

Most of it is easy because it gets caught by spam filters and I never even need to look at it. Today though, this got through…

One of the most effective approaches to enhance your brain and sharpen your memory is to grow your social life. Too several folks – specifically those who are above a certain age- live a comparatively secluded existence. The tightly knitted community that folks used to engage in elevated not just their wellbeing but also their lucidity.

Okay, fine. But the comment was sent to my review of The Atomic Brain! Now, I’m as ready to say that cheep crap that I only reviewed because it was on MST3K needs to have a deeper look as the next man, but… really? It is the massively stupefying degree to which this comment has nothing to do with the post that gets me.

Amazing really. I will state though, they have gotten me to actually read their comment. So I guess that’s one point for them.

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