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Why did I dream of numbers?

Okay, so people not sleeping because of stress dreams, that’s nothing new. I’ve got one that’s new though. The item that was stressing me the fuck out in this dream?

Yes, the number. Written like that, bolded and in red. No idea why, but looking back to the number was the point that created stress within this dream. I kept waking up so I went down to the couch and slept there while having MST3K playing. At that point the number changed to 36.84 Yes, I noticed that they were just flipped as well.

Let me tell you internets, no one should wake up from a dream and find themselves relieved to be in the relative sanity of Manos: The Hands of Fate. No one on earth should wake up, shake off the hands of sleep, look at their laptop and say to themselves “Oh thank the mighty cheesecake! I’ve been delivered into the arms of Torgo!” and actually mean it as a relief.

The worst part is that none of this is a joke. I am being dead serious here. Those numbers stressed me right the fuck out, and waking up to find myself watching the comparatively lucid Manos was blessed comfort by comparison. I can only wonder what would have happened if it had been one of the Gamera episodes.

I’d probably be running around the house now singing “Gamera is really neat, Gamera is full of meat, we’re all eating GAMERA!”

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