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Want to know a Secret?

Do you want to know a secret? Well, too bad. I’m not going to give away the game, just ramp up the questions and let you wonder.

Does anyone care to guess what’s in this box?

Cute little box, isn’t it?

Two of them in fact.

They look like little velvet covered shopping bags.

They contain these…

A necklace and ear rings. Red Garnets.

They look a little pink here, but they’re actually red when worn.

That’s a replacement chain, the chain this came with was too short and too cheap.

So that’s Syd’s special thing out of the way, what about mine? I got a decidedly bigger box…

With cloth covering.

Oh come on, you know what this is by now, you’ve seen this sort of thing before.

That’s right a new sword set. Technically called a Daishō. Not just any sword set though…

This company designs their own furniture, so unless someone gets a sword from them, the likelyhood of anyone else having this tsuba is remote.


The same is true of the rest of the fittings. I really like the pattern for these parts.

I really like the swirl pattern for the menuki. Simple, but distinct. Usually it’s dragons.

You will also please notice the ito wrap is a completely different style as well. So you will be able to pick out at an instant that this is different from the others in my collection.

The scabbard is black with cord wrap, nothing special, except that this is the first piano place scabbard in my collection. Yeah, no black katana scabbards in the group until now.

The box also came with one of these…
A cleaning kit.

Powder ball, oil, papers and a small jar to keep the oiled paper in for later use.


A mekugi nuki! Which is fun to say. It’s also fun to have around because it’s a cute little brass hammer. If you notice, there are small pegs in the handle of the sword. You pop those out with the awl that unscrews from the top and you can pull the blade from the handle for sharpening and stuff.

It all comes apart but you’re really just supposed to take the awl out.

So, yeah. Syd and I both got some special presents from the Mystery Fairy recently. I assume this time next week I’ll be able to let you in on why the Mystery Fairy was so nice to us, but not right now. Not today.

Today I am simply going to yank your chain.

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