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WHY‽ Why would you do that‽

After reading these comics I’ve had it in mind to re-read Gatsby le Magnifique. Then I decided to listen to it instead, because that’s how I roll. HOWEVER! Why would I need an audio version of The Great Gatsby that’s only an hour and a half long? I know it isn’t a super long book, but still. In fact, because it is so short, why would you need to abridge it? It comes in at less than 5 hours when you listen to it. If you really wanted, you could get it down to 3 hours, which is two tapes, which is how long most abridged versions came to back in the day. Why the length of one 90 minute tape though? My mind is boggled, ever so slightly.

This is the problem with Audiobooks. Even today, you run into the abridged and heavily abridged versions of great books and even short books get the hell cut out of them. I got an unabridged version though, so it’s okay.

May 11, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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