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Still hate Daisy and Tom Buchanan.

I feel tiny pangs of sympathy for Daisy, but I suspect I would throw her off a bridge with an anchor tied to her feet (using 20 gauge rubber coated wire) if I knew her in real life*.

Still feel a pathetic sympathy for Jay Gatsby at best. Contempt at worst.

Still liked Nick and Jordan

And above all I still feel like we only got half the story, maybe even only a quarter of it. Something about having a disconnected party be the narrator, it always feels like the actual story between Jay and Daisy is rushed. It always feels like I’m cheated out of a good section of the story. I know that in many ways that story wasn’t the one Fitzgerald was trying to get across, but it’s his main narrative. It’s okay though, I still hate the rich and have contempt for the poor who idolize them. He made his mark.

Still, Fitzgerald had to hurry the story along a little. After all, he was busy drinking himself to death like all the great literary authors I was asked to read in High School. Of course, half the pulp authors I read in those days died early too. Hell it’s the pulp writer who turned out to be a momma’s boy who shot himself because he couldn’t stand the idea of living without his mother. What great poet doesn’t dream of a death like that? Well, okay, most the poets I read killed themselves too.

Reading this always makes reading P.G. Wodehouse tough. Since I read Gatsby first, I always feel the contempt when I read stories about rich idiots in the Jazz Age. I suspect Wodehouse is more loving with his portrayals, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. His story is more comedic, so a seething contempt would be easier to smuggle in as a need to make jokes. No matter how light hearted, or self deprecating the humor might be, I see the shadow of Fitzgerald looming over those works, sneering with his disgust at the whole world.

I’m greatly reminded of a very nasty remark someone one made about the difference between literature and pulp. You read literature because you hope it will improve you. You read pulp because it’s actually enjoyable.

*As it happens, back in High School I did know someone like Daisy Buchanan. I never did throw the vapid bitch off a bridge, but you can see that I spent some time thinking about it.

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