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Bird’s Nest Soup

Who was the first person to decide to eat bird’s nest soup? It’s can’t be hunger, because there are birds RIGHT THERE! Why eat the nest when you can eat the birds?

All I can think is you’ve got the Emperor of China sitting around and saying… “*Sigh* I’m bored of lark’s tongues and jellied squid brains. I want something… I dunno… different. I wish someone could get me something new. I’m tired of the same of stuff.”

And you’ve got this poor cook, sitting there with that look, you know? “But… but… but… It took me weeks to work out jellied squid brains.”

And his assistant comes in with this little shell of bird’s nest. “Have you seen this? Comes from Singapore.”

“What is it?”

“Some kind of nest or something.”

“What’s it made from?”

“Swiftlet puke, mostly.”

“Is it easy to get?”

“No, it’s really expensive. Don’t know why anyone would bother gathering it.”



“SOUP! I’ll show that inbred so-and-so!”

And thus bird’s nest soup was born.

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