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My cat Fancy.

I went outside to throw some bread to the geese and their two babies. The cats slipped out while I was at the door. Vienna got run off by the parental geese, Fancy did not. The goose came running at Fancy, who ignored it and kept in the direction she was walking. The goose fell back a few steps and ran up to Fancy again, wings splayed, hissing loud. Fancy looked at it for three seconds and then hissed at the goose, and the goose fucked off.

That’s our Fancy.

With one little hiss, Fancy explained to the geese that while she had no problem with them being in the lawn, she was the boss applesauce. She is the head fuzzy butt in charge around these here parts and fuckin’ with her could be seriously bad for your health. I just loved how the goose shuddered itself for a second and then just walked away as if to say “Oh! It’s you! You um… you look different from the back.”

Frankly, and honestly, with no hyperbole or exaggeration… I LOL’d.

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