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Debbis’ Story Part Five

Debbie’s Story

A Jack Collier Story

By Brett N. Lashuay


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Part Five

December 6th

The World I Know


And I laugh at myself, as the years roll down. Cause it’s the world I know. It’s the world I know.

Collective Soul


            He’s slipped further down today. They called me because they had to give him a shot of something dangerous. I don’t know what it was, but his levels dropped down too far for comfort and they had to give him something that would shock him into a higher level or something. I don’t know, I’m just scared. If it were anyone else in the world, I could go to him and he’d tell me everything would be alright and he’d find a way to take care of it. Jack can do anything, except break it off with Christmas, I had to do that for him. He can’t do anything to someone he thinks he’s in love with, he freezes up.


            The last time I was this scared was when we were racing through the night, Jack with Karen in his car and Adam in mine. There were four cop cars chasing him by the time Jack got to the hospital that night, and yet he managed to get out of everything. He took responsibility for everything and in the end only got a restricted license for six months.


            I know, I know. I’m getting ahead of myself again.


            I called Karen when I woke up and asked if she wanted to go to Gibraltar with us. If you don’t live around Gibraltar Trade Center, you might not know what it is. Take the biggest flea market you’ve ever seen, now make it twice as big because it’s one of the largest in the country. It’s filled with little hand built stalls that are stuffed with the sort of thing only a redneck could love. Cheap garbage from one end to the other, from fake Persian rugs to leather jackets and cowboy boots. It’s like every cheap craptastic junk shop you’ve ever seen, magnified a thousand times.


            And it was an amazing amount of fun. You could get a leather jacket, a bunch of comics, t-shirts, and knives all under one roof. That’s what we bought after all. I could have added knock-off toys, badly made tables molded to look like naked women with a plate of glass resting on their knees and their nipples, and a hundred other objects but we didn’t buy anything like that.


            Karen had just got her graduation present from her grandmother, which was five hundred dollars in cash. Instead of doing something sensible with it, she insisted that she had to buy me a leather jacket. The one she wanted to get would have cost almost half her money, and I wasn’t really comfortable with her spending that kind of money.


            “I don’t need a new jacket.” I said, looking at the black leather thing made of belts, buckles, zippers, and pure sex.


            “My girl needs a jacket.” Karen said looking at the jacket and bobbing her had to the music the guy behind the counter was playing on a cheap CD player. “It’s embarrassing being seen with you wearing that silk thing. I want my girlfriend looking like someone I could take to meet my friends.”


            The guy looked up a little, but went back to his magazine and I looked at Karen. I don’t know if she noticed that this was the first time she said it. She’d never made any kind of comment of ownership over me before. She’d never said I was hers before and I was a little overwhelmed. I felt like I was owned, like I belonged to someone, and it felt wonderful. I took off the four hundred dollar silk jacket I’d gotten for my birthday the year before and let Karen buy me the motorcycle jacket.


            It was too heavy at first, but after a little while I felt like I was really enjoying it. It felt sexy in a way that I wasn’t able to articulate. I just know that I felt sexier than I’d ever felt before wearing that thing. I knew all the boys and hopefully some of the girls, were looking at my ass. Unlike the silk jacket, which was longish and covered my prim behind, this one ended just at the line of my jeans and showed off what I had going on. I know it worked, because Jack started walking a few steps behind us as we giggled and chatted like best friends who were on a shopping trip.


            “You know, you called me your girlfriend.” I told her as we were looking at some shirts to go with the ones we had already bought.


            “You are.” She said. “Aren’t you?”


            “Yeah.” I said, and I was seized with an impulsive need to kiss her.


            I didn’t hold back though, I decided that if I was ever going to do it, this would be the time and place. If I didn’t make some public statement, we’d have to break up by the end of July. If I didn’t do something to cement this moment, I would loose it. So I grabbed her bent her backwards and gave her a big kiss.


            I was expecting a reaction, but I didn’t exactly get the one I was expecting. I had expected someone to shout, but I didn’t think they would shout like they did. I think I was expecting admonition, but I’d picked the wrong crowd for that.


            “WOOOO YEAH!” Some guys shouted as I grabbed at her left ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. “Go on girls!”


            I looked up at them, and these two long haired skater types were clapping and giving us the thumbs up. I pulled away from her and blushed all the way to my hips. I could feel the warmth all the way down to there anyway.


            “Aw, come on.” One of the guys said. “Don’t stop on our account, it was just getting good.”


            “No free shows.” Karen laughed and twisted a shoulder into something like a shrug and a defiant gesture and then looked at Jack. “He’s the only one who gets to watch.”


            “Shit dude, you’re lucky.” His buddy said.


            “Yeah.” Jack said looking at Karen, not reacting at all. “Lucky.”


            We walked away and shopped a little bit longer when Adam found us. He looked angry, which I still feel is fucked up. I mean he’d been dumped three or four weeks ago, he should have gotten over it by then. Still he came up and grabbed Karen by the arm, which yanked me almost off balance because her other arm was linked with mine.


            “What the fuck?” He demanded as he grabbed her. “You fucking dump me to be a fucking muff diver?”


            “You’re hurting me.” She shouted.


            “Let her go.” I said but he shoved me back with one hand.


            “You fucking leave me for that bitch?” He asked.


            It’s fortunate that Jack was there, I don’t know what Adam would have done exactly, but it wouldn’t have been good. Jack was there though and his hand seized on the back of Adam’s neck and twisted his free arm up behind his back.


            “Stop it right now.” Jack’s voice was calm and scary. It was probably scary because it was so calm. He never sounds angry in these situations, he sounds like he could get angry though. He pushed Adam down into the table and put his weight on him to keep him still.


            “Let him go man.” One of Adam’s friends started to walk toward them.


            Jack’s right arm let go of Adam’s neck and his elbow hit the guy in the throat. He hit the guy in the balls, grabbed his hair and smacked his forehead into the table. That attended to, he went back to putting his right hand on Adam’s neck.


            “Is this where you want to go today?” Jack was still calm, almost conversational. “Do you want this? It can get all kinds of worse. Do you want it to get worse?”


            “You’re breaking my arm.” Adam whined.


            “Not yet.” Jack said and put more pressure on. “But we can go there. Do, you want to go there?”


            “No.” Adam said, sounding like something had gotten through to him.


            “Okay then.” He grabbed Adam’s hair and turned his head around to look at me and Karen. “You see those two?”


            “Yeah.” Adam said, ready to agree to anything at this point.


            “They are mine.” Jack explained. “You understand that? Mine. If you come near either of them again you will end up in the hospital with my knife in your chest. Am I making myself clear?”


            “Yeah.” Adam agreed quickly. “Knife, chest.”


            “Good. Now get the fuck out of here.” Jack let him go and the three of us were walking away quickly just as security was coming around the corner. They must have just ejected Adam and friends because they never came to bother us.


            We skipped a lot of places that we’d normally stop after that, going right to the guy who Jack bought most his knives from in those days. He was a big fat guy, with thick glasses and not much left in the way of hair, but Jack liked him and liked buying knives from him. Jack bought a new boot knife from him. It was a black handled dagger with a spider shape on the handle. I know all about it because I’ve still got the thing here. It had a plastic sheath and nylon pocket sewn around it. I don’t think Jack would be caught dead buying it now, but those were different times. The idea of buying something from United Cutlery didn’t make him snort like it does now. They’re still good knives, I don’t know why he’s a snob about it. I’ve had this one for going on fifteen years, since we bought those knives that day.


            When I saw that it cost less than twenty dollars to buy a boot knife, I decided to get one for myself, which is a bit illegal I suppose. I wasn’t eighteen yet but I was with Jack and that made it okay somehow. Being with Jack made a lot of things okay.  I bought one with three hearts cut into the handle, and I saw the way Jack looked at me when I took it out of the box and put it in the inside pocket of my new jacket.


            I’d more or less forgotten about the event with Adam at Gibraltar by the time we’d left, and spent the rest of the day going to parks and video stores and doing fun things. We never got out of our clothes, but we did have fun that day. We were going to drop Karen off when it happened all at once.


            Adam was hiding around the side of her house. I have no idea how long he had been waiting there, but he had waited for her. They were all waiting there, Adam and his useless friends. He came out as Karen got out of the car and Jack saw him, getting out as well. I saw that Jack was getting out and followed him, I hadn’t seen anything yet, but I knew how he moved by then.


            “What are you doing here Adam?” Jack said standing between Karen and him.


            “Get out of the way Collier.” Adam said pulling something out of his pocket. Two of his friends were with him, but they were standing way back from the three of them.


            “You what?” Jack asked, and laughed.


            Adam lifted his right hand up and flicked open a switchblade, which glittered in the street lights. Jack sighed and looked over Adam’s shoulder at the two friends who looked more interested in running than backing their friend up. I could almost hear the sound of Jack’s heart slowing and his body turning cold.


            “Oh deary me.” Jack said in a flat voice as I walked up to stand next to him. “He’s bought himself a switchblade. Oh me, oh my, whatever shall I do?”


            “Get out of the way.” Adam waved the knife, trying to look menacing.


            “Oh that’s right.” Jack said pulling the boot knife from his pocket. It would probably be bragging to point out that our knives were at least an inch longer and a good deal wider than his. “I’ve got a knife too. So does Debbie, don’t ya Debs?”


            I pulled the knife from my pocket and it occurred to Adam that not only was he out numbered, we had bigger knives than he did. The problem was Karen. Again, as it was so often, it was Karen. Oh how I love her, but she needed the impulse control she would gain after this event.


            “Stop it Adam!” She shouted and rushed around Jack’s left.


            Adam stabbed and stuck the knife in Karen’s stomach. Jack hit Adam on the side of the head with the hilt of the knife and I stabbed the point of my knife into his chest. Adam yelled and fell back, but the knife was stuck and I let go of it. I was a little more worried about Karen at that moment, with the faux ivory handle of the switchblade sticking out half an inch above the waist of her jeans on her left side.


            “Don’t pull it out!” Jack commanded as she touched the handle. “You’ll bleed to death if you pull it out.”


            “It hurts.” She barely whined the word out.


            “I know honey.” He said and turned quickly and kicked Adam hard in what I would later find out was his knee. “You stay down fucker.”


            The blood had soaked her new white shirt with Bugs Bunny on it into a large red spot. It was boiling over her jeans and the look on her face was filled with pain and terror. I thought she was going to die right there, but she stayed standing the whole time. I was scared, first that my lovely little Karen was hurt and second that I had stabbed someone. I was determined not to loose it though, I was going to keep it together.


            “Jack?” I asked looking at the two wounded.


            “Get him in your car. I’ll take her in mine.” He yanked his door open and lay the seat back. “Come on Karen, come to me carefully. Try not to move too much.”


            “What about?” I pointed at Adam.


            “In your car.” He helped Karen into his car and closed the door gently. “Follow me, we’re going to Saint Joe’s.”


            “Come on you asshole.” I said grabbing at his right arm.


            “I’ll help.” He said yanking Adam up hard. “You two, get out here or I will spend the rest of my life hunting you down.”


            Steve Jacobs and some guy I didn’t know came into the light. They looked scared and like they wanted to run away. They had no idea it was going to come to this, and now they were just trying to stay out of trouble. The other guy looked like he may have crapped his pants as Jack called to them.


            “Who stabbed Adam?” He asked Steve as he threw Adam into the back seat of the LeBaron.


            “She did.” Steve said, and Jack slapped him. It was an honest, open handed slap, right across his left cheek.


            “I stabbed him, with the knife I pulled out of my coat, right?” Jack asked.


            “Yeah.” the other guy said. “You stabbed him after he stabbed Karen.”


            “Good.” Jack nodded. “Now get in the fucking car and make sure Adam doesn’t do himself any more harm.”


            “Right.” They said and got into the car.


            “Thank you very much. That’s twenty bucks I won’t see again.” He said snapping at me and pulling my new jacket open to grab the sheath of the knife, stuffing the one he’d bought in the pocket. “This is the knife you bought today. I bought the heart knife and I stabbed him. Got it? I can afford the trouble, you can’t. I stabbed him, you bought this knife.”


            “Yes, Jack.” I said.


            “Let’s get the fuck out of here.” He said and ran to his car.



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