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Debbie’s Story Part Six

Debbie’s Story

A Jack Collier Story

By Brett N. Lashuay


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Part Six

December 13th

Follow You Down


Anywhere you go, I’ll follow you down, I’ll follow you down, but not that far.

Gin Blossoms


            Jack raced so fast, it was inevitable that he was going to gain the attention of the police. Jack knows how to speed and not gain attention, he’s very good at it, but he didn’t care that night. Maybe he wanted their attention, maybe he thought they could help or something. He was ahead of me, because I stupidly stopped for the red light he ran through. I also took the time to hurt Adam a little more.


            While we were stopped, he started whining at me. I’m not sure if he thought he was being clever or what, but he started to complain about the knife that was stuck in his ribs. How I missed his heart I don’t know, but the knife didn’t really go very deep before it got stuck.


            “This fucking hurts, you bitch.” He complained. “You fucking dyke bitch!”

            I turned around and grabbed the handle of the knife, giving it a good hard twist. I could feel the blade scrapping against his bone as it turned, and he screamed good and loud. I then punched him in the nose and something went crack. He began to bleed very badly from the nose and I shouted at him.


            “You’ve probably killed Karen, be glad I’m not just going to dump you in the Clinton you little fuck.” I shouted.


            “It’s green.” Steve said, and I turned and we went again.


            I could hardly see after that, I was crying so hard, but we got to Saint Joe’s, where the police were already gathered around Jack’s car. The orderlies were helping to get Karen out of the car and onto a gurney as he shoved his way past someone and pointed to my car with the empty dagger sheath. Police and nurses came running toward us as I pulled my car in next to Jack’s.


            “Yeah.” Jack said as I stopped and looked at the blood pouring from Adam’s face. “Here he is. Notice I had to break his nose too.”


            We’d started to unload from my car when the shouting started. It came from inside, but it was frighteningly loud. There was a look on Jack’s face just before his head turned, and I think I actually saw anger on his face. It was a change from the serious expression he’d had to something different. I almost think that I could hear him thinking the words “Oh what the fuck it is now?” as he turned to investigate. You maybe had to know him to see the difference, but it was there.


            “You goddamn little bastards!” Some woman screamed at the top of her lungs at some kids inside. “Because of you he’s been hurt!”


            The group sort of moved on masse to see what the screaming was about. There was a middle aged woman screaming at three kids, two of which I recognized as the skater guys who had cheered me on earlier when I was kissing Karen. Another one was standing with them, and all of them were slouching under the force of her screams.


            She was berating them on every subject she could find and blaming them for something that had happened earlier. They had been with her son, who had been hurt and was in the hospital now. Jack’s face was twisting and her mouth was hung open like an angry dog who has decided that someone is going to have to get bit today.


            “It’s not our fault that guy decided to jump him.” One of them said. “We were trying to leave.”

            “Don’t you talk back to me you little shit!”


            “Ma’am.” An orderly approached, trying to sound like he didn’t want to hit this woman. “This is a hospital, please keep…”


            She hauled off and slugged him, punched him in the mouth and knocked him down. He slid a little when his butt hit the tile and he fell over sideways after he stopped. She then stood over him and began to screech in a voice that made the one she had been using sound like her quiet inside voice.


            “Don’t you talk to me like that!” She could have woken the dead with her caterwauling. “My husband is a lawyer! I know my rights!”


            Jack had clearly had enough. I could see it in his face when he took four steps so quickly that no one could even begin to move. I could see it when he grabbed her by the hair and put his forearm in against her fleshy throat.  I could hear it when he started to talk. People say things like “you’re awfully cute when you’re angry” but they don’t mean it. Jack is a beautiful man, it takes strength not to sigh when you look at him, anything he does is beautiful, except being angry. Real anger is not cute, or sexy, it’s just plain scary.


            “Shut the fuck up you fucking bitch!” He snarled through his teeth. That was the first time I saw what he looks like when he’s angry and I hope I never see it again “This is a fucking hospital, people are dying here. My best friend has a knife in her guts and the doctors are trying to get it out right now. If it’s all the same to you I would prefer that they didn’t get distracted listening to you. I’ve already stabbed one mother fucker today so I’m already in trouble. If you don’t shut the fuck up, I will make sure you stay here as a patient. Am I making myself clear?”


            He pushed her against the wall again and took a step back from her, looking ready for a fight. I could see marks on the back of her neck, where large bruises would no doubt soon begin to form. She was too stupid, too indignant, too full of her position of entitlement to see that Jack was the meaner of the two of them. She looked at him and bared her teeth.


            “You can’t.” She managed before he punched her so hard in the stomach that she vomited when she hit the floor. He then gave her such a swift and sharp kick to the head that I felt the impact through the floor before he grabed her by the collar and yanked her towards his face.


            “Am I making myself clear?” He roared the words at that point, and some police officer finally found enough of his wits to touch Jack on the shoulder. Jack spun quickly around in a crouch, but seeing the badge stopped him. He stood up straight and his entire manner changed in an instant. “I apologize for that outburst, I may even allow that it could have been uncalled for.”


            “Come with me please.” The office said making a gesture with his finger.


            “Okay.” Jack was now perfectly calm and went with them.


            After that, it was a flurry. Jack wasn’t arrested or anything, at least as far as I know. He was taken into custody for a while and I lost track of him while I was waiting in the emergency waiting room. I think I was there for half an hour when Karen’s parents came. They saw me and sat next to me and it was her mother who started asking questions.


            “Is she okay?” Was the first question.


            “I don’t know.” I said. “She’s in there with them. They’re taking the knife out of her.”


            “What happened Debbie?” She asked, her eyes filling with tears.


            “Adam stabbed her because he saw us together today.”


            “Adam?” Her father asked. “I thought she was done with him.”


            “And he saw her with me and Jack and he got angry.”


            “Did he see her with Jack or with you?” Her father asked. “Because he called asking if we knew our daughter was… gay.”


            “He said she was a dyke.” Her mother snapped. “That little fucker called my daughter a dyke and a rug munching whore.”


            “She’s not a whore.” I said as I started to cry again. Isn’t it strange that it was the insinuation that she might be a whore that set me off? Maybe listening to Jack use those other words had robbed them of their strength. Maybe it was because whore was the word that was a lie.


            “It’s okay.” Her mother said hugging me. “I don’t care if it was you, or Jack or both of you or anything.”


            “Where is Jack?” Her father asked.


            “Jack stabbed Adam.” I managed. “The police are with him.”


            “Who’s with Adam?” Her father asked darkly.


            “More police Carl and you’re not doing anything.” Her mother said.


            It took two hours for someone to come talk to us, and during that time I more or less poured everything out to her mother while her father paced back and forth. I hadn’t expected her to understand, but her father kept looking over at us like he knew exactly what I was talking about and kept asking the police if he could talk to Jack.


            I didn’t know if he wanted to hit Jack for seducing his daughter, or thank him for stabbing the guy who stabbed his little girl or what, but he kept asking and eventually someone took him to see him or something. All I know is that I was outing Karen to her mother and I felt both horrible and relieved about it. I didn’t want to talk without talking to Karen first, but I couldn’t help it. I was tired and scared and she wasn’t yelling at me. In fact, she seemed to understand.


            “It’s okay, sweetheart.” She said stroking my hair. “At least I know my girl has good taste in both boys and girls, that’s a relief.”


            “What are we going to do?” I asked.


            “You’re both going to go to State in the fall.” She told me. “Maybe you’ll stay together and maybe you’ll drift apart. Don’t blame yourself for this though, it’s not your fault.”


            A doctor came and asked if Karen’s mother was her mother and she said she was.


            “Karen’s going to be fine.” He said. “It was a single puncture wound and it wasn’t very deep. A small cut, easily fixed. The knife went though her left kidney, which means she may have some trouble in the near future with a risk of infection, but we’ve stitched everything up and I think in a while she’ll be just fine. We’ll give her some anti-bodies and she should be okay. She shouldn’t have problems down the road, she was very lucky.”


            “Lucky?” I said, and the sort of phrase Jack was known for sprang to mind. “Lucky would have been not getting stabbed.”


            “Fair enough.” The doctor smiled, and I couldn’t help but thinking that he was sort of cute. Strange what you’ll think of when you’re in that sort of state.


            We were allowed to see her, but she was still asleep from the pain killers. She was going to be okay though, in a couple of weeks it would all be the same as it ever was. Except it wouldn’t be, would it? I kind of had the feeling that Karen was going to slink away from me, not want me around, blame me for all of this. It took another hour, but eventually Karen’s father came to tell us about what had been decided about Jack.


            “What happened to Jack?” Her mother asked as he sat down.


            “They’re going to give him a small speeding fine and suspend his license for a year or something like that.” He said. “They think that he won’t even get charged for stabbing Adam, because it would go under self defense or something like that.”


            “That’s it?” I asked. “Just that?”


            “He deserves a medal.” He father said. “Anybody who doesn’t freeze up and stabs a piece of shit like that…”


            “Carl.” She said, and he looked at me and winked. I couldn’t say what that wink meant, but I think he knew. Jack might have talked, just enough to let this guy think he was being taken into confidence. He put his arm around me though and gave my shoulder a squeeze.


            “We’re going to be okay. You’re going to come and keep her company, right? You’ll help?”


            “Yeah.” I nodded, not knowing what the hell Jack had told him.


            “Okay.” He nodded again. “You two are alright by me.”


            I cried after that, and I kept crying until my dad came to get me. It seems Jack used his phone call to tell him where I was and what was going on, expecting that the police would call his dad for him. The fathers all came running though, they all talked I guess and everything was either said or left unsaid. Whatever it was, we never really talked about that night again. I think everyone wanted to pretend it didn’t happen as soon as possible.

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